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People keep saying "this isn't the job of the reviewer is to help the consumer" and "the job of the reviewer is to give advice". That is bogus because the modern review process does this fairly poorly if not outright distorts it to the point that any advice is weak.

Right now I get more insight into any game's performance and behavior from "Let's Play" months after release than I do from a "week before release professional review". I'm sure people get value out of the pre-release review but I'm saying that almost all "reviewers" are passively acknowledging the release issues we've seen in all recent games. Counting this stuff as "outside the review" seems dubious and does not "help the consumer".

So I have no idea why people are so fixated on embargoes. Do you know what helps shape my purchase decisions for Assassin's Creed Unity? Watching someone try to play the PC version, hearing how frustrated they are getting fiddling with the settings to get it to run smoothly, and get hit with crashes in the span of 15 minutes.

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My default/gut feeling about anything where you are asking strangers if one should buy or not buy something, the answer is "not buy". There is no issue with letting this wait a couple of weeks or months till you are really sure either way.

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Sorry if it is unearned but if you were a PC gamer at the same period, Goldeneye looked like a "toy". Even though though that era had a lot of FPS that were still "2.5D", those games where heavily detailed and then you had full 3D games like Quake that blew everyone away. Then this goofy Goldeneye game comes out later that "looks terrible" and you can't even aim properly and people where gushing about it made it seemed self delusion if not "sour grapes".

My opinion has always been Half-Life was bolder and better than Goldeneye and that came out even later.

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i hope you are trolling cause pretty much every great game last gen ran below 30FPS

I hope you aren't trolling because every great game on PC strives to provide smooth and stable performance at 60 FPS. The hardware and software specs should be able to be driven above a standard 60mhz monitor fresh rate for the smoothest and least distracting presentation.

That said, only a handful of games, mostly in the "serious e-sports" category, really do need that level to "function" but all others can readily drop below that. Do I demand that XCOM or Civ5 run at 60 fps? Naw but I would be highly disappointed my PC couldn't because there is no particular reason why they shouldn't with the amount of hardware stuffed into that thing.

And that is really what the issue with ACU on PC is. It is pretty baffling that this game can not be driven at "Ultra" settings smoothly on a modern PC with 980 in single or SLI let alone the crashing. It looks that thing about "locking to 30fps to avoid controversy" was a smoke screen instead of a choice.

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*shrug* The modern video game is a complex piece of software. You are forgetting how wonky and broken last gen games where.

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Bleh, Sega should not bother with too many "back ports" of last gen games. Instead I would rather see them change their port strategy so all modern games are "PC ready" and anything released recently. Speaking of which, PSO2 is already on PC but never released here....

And ultimately I would like to see this "surge" as validation of the franchise to push Sega to make another VC game.

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sometimes I think an emperors new clothes thing happens when it comes to framerate and resolution. Im not saying people are lying but when someone says "Look how bad this frame rate is" its almost a confirmation bias type effect (probably not the right term but hopefully someone understands what I'm rambling about)

*shrug* PC gamers have been pointing out poor performance on consoles for decades and it doesn't seem to have changed anything. I don't think there is anything for you to be worried about even if it is true.

But thats like racecar drivers pointing poor performance in family sedans. Of course that sedan will be slower, but it's theoretically supposed to be a smoother and less complicated ride than a stickshift race car.

That is why there is a *shrug*. Turns out all of this wailing and teeth gnashing isn't that big of a deal even though in almost every instance (this game maybe an exception?) the PC version doesn't have the same level of performance issues or compromises.

It turns out what really matters for console game is whether or not it "feels" correct and stable. People should be mad their version, regardless of platform, of ACU is glitchy instead or buggy instead of worrying about the frame rate. It sounds like *everyone* should be unhappy.

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For sure I didn't mean to cite Mass Effect 3 DLC shenanigans as "microtransactions" but a part of the same "nickle and dime" tactic that another vendor, Bioware/EA in this case, tried. All of these producers are trying to cover the exploding cost of their expensive productions by getting more money out of the gamer/buyer in some manner.

My feelings about this for this class of game is that I'd rather have a smaller production instead of a larger production with a lot of DLC or microtransactions (or both).

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@extomar: In a perfect world, no game released would need to be patched by a day one update.

That is overly reductionist and totally irrelevant because in perfect world we'd all be able to play anything at any time forever and we wouldn't need reviewers (that much). This statement has no baring on the topic or the response.

My point is that if reviewers were forced to get the game in the way all other gamers got the game instead of the "special pre-release version" then they could report and show other valid issues. This was starting to happen on popular Youtube "Let's Play" channels that was starting show and hold producer/publishers accountable but the industry has started to move to head them off by providing them with advance copies as well giving it much less impact.

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Should you use the boost? Of course you should where the question is "when". Using your "boost" now means you can jump into "Warlords" right now. You can always start another character from 1 later.