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I guess? It is my experience no one fears towers in Dota 2 beyond the starting phase and they are easy to "fool". Hell it maybe an issue that depending on the situation, a player doesn't even fear the enemy fountain which is the most powerful "tower" in on the map.

In fact "back door protection" and "invulnerability" are artificial and are the primary rules forcing teams to clear towers in an order where some teams would skip the outer towers if they were not required. Reliable gold is nice but why bother if the team can just push to high ground and cripple opponents or end the game early?

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The classic differentiation between Dota 2 and LoL seems to be that in Dota 2, players protect towers since they represent a reserve of "reliable gold" while I'm not sure what purpose they serve LoL beyond raw protection and interference.

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It's interesting to read these perspectives, It's amazing to me many how differently people approach these games vs the way I do. I would never ever just dive in like that in a team game, I always practice privately before playing a multiplayer game, so doing some research beforehand and figuring out mechanics always seemed natural to me.

DOTA 2 never seemed impenetrable to me, certainly not compared to DotA.

Maybe it's my background in Sports or maybe it's because I grew up on games that didn't explain themselves, or maybe it's just me . I dunno. I guess Riot was smarter than I realize to design LoL the way they did, since it seems many gamers don't do what I do.

The issue with Dota 2 is there are a lot of quirky things that are never readily explained. For instance how to effectively use Eul's or Ghost Scepter. When should one get a Mek vs Pipe of Insight. When you want to build Treads vs Phase. Hell there is even quirky things like knowing you can use Eul's a mini-BKB that is important to know but never explained even though all of the parts are detailed in the item's text.

Basically it is great recommend builds and items are in the user guides but that isn't an explanation.

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Meh, people misspeaking about a game isn't a big deal. Saying someone shouldn't talk about a game unless they are "experts" at it is the same idiocy super fans others when they say anything less than "its perfect!" about their favorite game.

Or another way to look it, if the only time the GB Staff should ever talk about LoL is "from expert authority" then everyone must live with the fact it will never be mentioned.

Side note: Brad is by no means an expert on Dota 2 and it is no a big deal to misspeak on details and mechanics.

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Folks, you're all wrong about the best Zelda game.

The best Zelda is The Binding of Isaac.

Go sit over in the corner with the Darksiders fans. :P

Huh...funny that this was mentioned because there could be some parallels with Darksiders 2 and Zelda 2!

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I have a question for those who have played a fair bit of both LoL and Dota. I often hear that there's much more straightforward heroes in LoL, for the most part. Always wondered what that mean. Does that mean no equivalents to Puck, Storm, Furion, Enigma, Tinker or whatever the hell a skilled Earth Spirit is doing to my health bar?

To get things straight, I have nothing against straightforward heroes. I love playing Viper or Drow if I ever carry and of course it doesn't make LoL a worse game. I don't really have the time or energy to practice a decent Puck "Get in and. Zap the supports. Silence and coil everyone. Disappear and blink away" -combo.

To that end, are there "whombo-combos" on LoL? The synergies in some team combinations can be "explosive" where at the pro-level you need to counter draft to avoid it.

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That reminds me that I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last night. That was definitely a Wes Anderson Wes Anderson film.

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CoD is one of the most played console games right now. Why is no one asking about the lack of coverage about that as well?

This needs to be repeated: There is nothing strange about a team of people that don't care for any game where in fact it happens all of the time. It isn't about popularity or respect but instead they just don't care for it. The answer to the question of "Why doesn't the GB staff like what I like?" is the same as "Why don't you like what the GB staff likes?" You just like different stuff than they do. No mystery there and pressuring them to like what you like is a terrible thing to do.

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Players still called heroes by their classic names (Nature's Prophet = Furion, Terrorblade = Ilidan, etc). And what is wrong with "Dragon Knight"? He is a knight that transforms into a dragon. :)

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Side thought: Do people really care about "lore"? The lore for MOBA games makes about as much as sense as the lore for Team Fortress 2 (the rich narrative of building two bases across each other and trying to get in). I always thought it was an amusing side thing where at best it adds flavor to in game chatter but it has never ever effected the game.

ps. Dota 2 "The International" start tomorrow with the "Wild Card" play offs!