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I wondered if they (the writers) had the balls to do some of the things "necessary" for the finale and they had some of them. :) I won't spoil that ending but I wonder if they are really going to attempt a "Book 4" where NOW they have a setting worth exploring.

ps. Bolin's socks!

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To be pedantic: The parts that aren't Windows 8. Have you tried RDP? How about multi-monitor support? In particular, multi-monitor support wasn't great but functioned in Windows 7 but is not "wonderful" how it works in Windows 8. :)

I'll give you a hint: What are the parts of Windows 8 that can not be supported in all previous versions of Windows? It is almost always kernel support for new hardware let alone the drivers. For example it would be difficult if not impossible to run Windows 2000 on a modern machine because no one has written key components and drivers for modern components.

What was the new hardware that came out since Windows 7? If you are lacking for answers then I'll give you another hint: It is the touch interface. Guess what part of the Windows 8 people complain about the most?

If you like Windows 8 then keep using it. But please don't try to tell others that it is better in all respects because that isn't true.

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@giantlizardking said:

People who say 7 is better are either ill informed or are being intentionally obtuse. The Windowsy parts of Windows 8 are unequivocally better than windows 7. Yes metro sucks but you need to use it so minimally, bordering on never, that it really doesn't matter.

Side note: Search is dramatically improved in Windows 8 but still far from perfect. For the best search experience I have used across any OS, use a free app called Everything. Blindingly fast search for windows. If you need to search inside documents for a particular string of text, I highly recommend GrepWin. It's so damn good, you guys.

This has been your unsolicited POWER USER update.

People who say this are being intentionally obtuse as well because parts of Windows 8 are not unequivocally better than Windows 7. Hint: if they were this thread wouldn't exist. :)

As told to me by windows admin, you know something is a disaster when your admins who are managing windows servers ditch the interface the first thing they do. If these most powerful of power users hate hate HATE HATE the way this version works, then they've released a turd.

ps. How did Windows get this far and still have such poor searching? This is stuff solved in Unix decades ago.

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Suggesting Blizzard is trying to do a "trying to please everyone strategy" is kind of insulting and elitist and leveled in a similar way to Hearthstone. They aren't trying to please everyone but making a game with a simplified rule set so anyone can at least attempt to play.

Besides, I would rather see new MOBA come out try something different than "beat up the throne" and HotS with its emphasis on "goals" and "powering creeps" is definitely different spin.

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This is just a reflection of the existential problem that the real world is much more complex than human made simulations. Basically you can't quantify or define human relationships as "win/loss states" easily nor do humans really look at them that way.

Even writing that, I believe people continue to try to include relationships in games because it is a human thing to do. I just think they need to make it guided instead of free form. Using Mass Effect as an example, instead of prompting the player to pick someone to have a relationship with the game should form the relationship through other parts of the story. Make decisions Miranda favors and she'll grow closer.

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@marino said:

@extomar: Honestly, PoP was where it started going down hill for me. Sure, killing god after god was fun, but the adventure was all but gone. The creation of PoK made traveling around Norrath trivial and made the game feel small.

Velious was my favorite. Though, if I'm being objective, Kunark was probably the best overall just for how much it added to the base game just a year later.

I guess? I mean a big reason why I abandoned EQ for WoW was spending too much time doing anything and everything to prepare to "fight something" instead of actually doing the "fight something". I mean being able to always go home when you want was a godsend compared to begging for a teleport.

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It is erroneous to believe the issue with Win 8 is that it is impossible too hard to figure. Any computer nerd can figure it out given enough time and with a bunch of hand holding you can train someone else to too. The issue is why are they asking users of any level or class to abandon their knowledge while gaining nothing. And I literally mean you gain nothing from this fundamental change in interface. It seems like it is a change for a change instead of driven by usage or engineering. So the real issue is simply this: Win8 a PITA to learn and you do less with it.

IMHO, Win8 seems like a solid operating system with an idiotic, half-baked interface that does everything its power to show you something that is irrelevant. If Mac did this we all laugh about how they've lost their minds trying to change our minds with a wonky interface. If Linux did this we'd all shrug and say "What did you expect since they've never gotten desktop environments correct?" But on Windows, we are told to stop whining because it isn't that bad.

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@epicvandal said:

As someone who just started playing again shortly before Dan started doing his whole 30 days thing, this is a really cool thread!

I have a Paladin and a Shaman that are both spec'd for healing with off spec being for DPS.

My question to the kind people here is what is the current raid healing mod? How about a PvP healing mod?

Thanks duders!

The two main frames favored by healers are Vuhduu (or however it is spelled :) ) and Healbot (which isn't a heal bot at all but the player is the healing machine :) ). The trick with the healing role is that it does take a bit of modding and configuration to get the info you need and to do it effectively. And none of them are going to tell you which heal to use when. These mods are effectively highly specialized unit frames that show extra status and extra support for binding all immediate spells you need to function.

The fascinating thing about the way Healing works in WoW is that it is pretty dramatically different across the 5 classes but they are all viable. It is really difficult to make a "one size fits all" mod for this role and requires a lot of hands on tweaking.

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There is a bit of hyperbole being thrown around here. People should be offended because the author misses the point instead of debating which side has the higher moral ground in Ferguson. Shesh.

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These are just configurations of the "heads up display" where often they look daunting because they are throwing a lot of info at you but depending on your role you know what to focus on and ignore the other noise.

True macros in WoW are limited due to specific interface restrictions so it isn't like you can just have a mod that is "Heal someone". Conversely, although the game has gotten better at interaction and reaction feedbacks, it is still impossible to determine some "combat states" without a mod inspecting the data. There is a constant debate about what should be included by "default" and what should be left to modders who know better what the actual needs are.