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The problem Tyrrael is describing is that an known issue with the "windows dongle" for the 360 controller is that it has a notoriously sketchy fuse and USB is notoriously sketchy in amp/voltage regulation. It is easy to bust the fuse and end up with a non functional receiver for the controller. You can try to replace the fuse but they are not easy to find and require skill to replace.

Basically, after going through this myself I came to the conclusion I should have just gone with Logitech. :/

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@extomar: I just recently came out of a year long coma, would the Roku be a good device to catch up on my TV shows?

As someone who is completely and totally just a random dude who is hip and loves high tech electronics and completely and totally not someone hired by any vendor to bolster their electronic reputation by planting information: The Roku is a reliable and inexpensive device suited to all of your television and streaming needs! I'm not saying it is awesome but it is pretty awesome!

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You are not insane for considering buying an expensive electronic device.

You are insane for asking strangers on purchasing advice on an expensive electronic device.

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I agree. What appears to be happening is "the mixer" only knows of one and only one audio output device which is on the graphics card. You need to figure out if the "on board audio" is disabled or broken before you can change the setting.

Depending on how "old" the "on board audio" is it may support PNP behavior which will automatically solve this issue because it "knows" if there are speakers or headphones plugged in and reconfigures the mixer automatically.

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Although no one will really care or miss the game, the fact that companies are passing on XBox One for even throw away movie franchise games is kind of...different.

The "lifeblood" of consoles is a steady flow of new releases...even crappy ones. Canceling titles never bodes well for that platform.

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"Double down on TV" is not a good idea. At this stage who knows if we can even record let alone bother. If all produced programs are available to stream at any time after release off the Internet, do you need a DVR? That leave sports as the last refuge of TV which is fine but as the tech moves on it becomes the same issue: Why do you need to record the game if the game is going to be available to watch for years with just a search and a click?

The TV as a device that sits in a living room that displays stuff is not going away. The TV as a thing you watch stuff from channels might be going away. Making a game console that uses that as a major feature maybe pretty foolish. I certainly wouldn't make it a requirement that you have to plug in HDMI to do it since a lot of programming is no longer coming from that interface.

Forget "double down on TV" Microsoft. Can we get Netflix and Amazon Prime unencumbered first?

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I believe work like this is "work for hire" and do not normally get royalties from the game itself but they may from selling the soundtrack itself. The "musician" works at the request of the producer isn't happy with the work or attitude it is their prerogative to fire them and hire someone else.

I never cared for the music in these games. If it turns out that O'Donnell felt like he needed more money, he should have made a better effort in producing and selling the soundtrack instead of whining about it to the producers.

ps. Why do people feel like he should go work at 343? I would rather see him get out and do something else...

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Keep in mind my comments so far have never focused on the actual the specific characters where I am commenting about the story in general and will note I can't quite remember their names either. :) Playing with the theme of an ancient war is a great idea. Having one of your squad members be a idol star isn't so.

For a "typical anime story", it would have been so "easy" to make the savior whats-his-face's sister especially if she is a Darcsen making everyone feel sad for treating her badly. It also would have been so "easy" to make Selvaria the stereotypical "evil woman" in so many shows and games who was just interested in jumping blonde's bones. It would have been easy to make the whats-his-face saving everyone by firing a super cannon off his tank at the bad guy featuring him standing in the light of the shot screaming for 30 seconds before vaporizing the screaming bad guy. But none of that happened...

I do get what everyone is saying because I definitely see the flaws in the story but there was still something different going on. There are plenty of times where they show something interesting and bork it by following it up with something silly. I mentioned the scene where the main characters come across the guy who dies slowly which was kind of interesting if not awesome to see in a video game about war. Immediately afterwards they get caught by an enemy patrol and are let go because they saw they buried the guy which is "what the what?!"

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@veektarius said:

@extomar: DBZ, no, but personal anguish over 'chosen one' status is not original to anime. See: Evangelion, Attack on Titan, some Gundam characters. I could name more if I was a bigger anime fan.

The issue is people are complaining about how tropish the story is. I don't think Evagelion or AoT or the like follow "the tropes" just like VC which makes them interesting.

Maybe we need to go back and and ask "What are the problem in VC?" For instance, the complain game relies heavily on "the destined one" trope seems kind of odd because of things I already mentioned. If nothing else, she was never destined to do anything.

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I've always been more measured in my appreciation for Valkyria Chronicles than most of its super-fans, but I will say that while the story itself is fairly predictable, I don't actually think accusing it of anime tropes is very fair. As previously mentioned by another poster, a lot of key moments in the game subvert a lot of the tropes you would expect. The anime style of the game seems mostly incidental, IMO. I actually found that rather refreshing.

The love-interest who's an orphan and doesn't remember her past turns out to be a super saiyan and is the key to everything. Also, there's that scene where everybody goes to the beach and the love-interest is all shy because she's wearing a swimsuit and it's hilarious because she's shy and stuff.

I mean, I'm just sayin'.

And if nothing happened in the game that orphan would have gone on never know and be happy baking bread which seems contrary of the "destined savior"/"power trip" fantasy thing a lot of these games and stories often fall into. That orphan would also laments how screwed up her life is now too. Did anyone from DBZ, One Pice, Naruto, etc. every complain about that? Actually the one who embraced that trope was the big chested Selveria (sp?) and she got stomped.

Again I don't think people should claim this game has a complex story or intricately designed or even classy but it was doing something different. Which makes how VC2 turned out more crushing.