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I hate to write this but: Its an ATI card. Update your drivers and pray it gets better.

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Poll options are a bit stacked; 6 month period vs 3 month period etc. That said it being a year until free to play strikes me as extraordinarily unlikely.

This brings up a good point: What are the payment options available? Subscriptions "slide" at each of the first plan time spans. Does ESO offer a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month plan? Then expect the first drop to happen after the second month and precipitous drops after each period.

People dislike ESO because it is vanilla. It neither excels at classic designs nor bring new tech or design to the genre. The fact that it is bug ridden with various levels of annoying and crippling problems and seems to already be infested with scavenging bots and item duping doesn't help either.

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It isn't that sequels are bad but it is often "overloaded". For instance if the next-next Batman game is called Batman Arkham Space Invasion that has Batman fighting and winning against The Predator and Aliens on The Watchtower is great and actually sounds like fun....but why bother calling it "Arkham"?

As I wrote before I'm wry of this game because the experience I had with the previous game I felt like I was promised one game by the pre-release media and information but was sold another when I got it. I don't believe that irrational at all to take a skeptical stance. Forgive me if I wait for game play videos instead of relying on these videos.

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To those who say religion and science are antithetical: That is as illogical as suggesting that apples are antithetical to oranges. Apples can't be oranges but they aren't in contrast let alone opposition. Specifically other religions have no particular problem with science.

People misunderstand the core controversy with the topic. The real issue why specific Fundamentalists Christian hate Evolution is that if it is true then it undermines what they think is the core principles of Fundamentalist Christian belief: Jesus The Christ died so that all could be forgiven for Original Sin.

Dogma states that all people, who are supposed to be descendants of Adam and Eve, inherit their Original Sin from eating fruit from The Tree of Knowledge. If Evolution is accurate then there is no Adam and Eve who hung around The Garden of Eden to eat a forbidden fruit from an off limits tree. If all humans today where descended from a primate ancestor then that means no Original Sin was committed. If there is no Original Sin then even if Jesus The Christ existed (there is enough evidence that the man did exist) then begging for forgiveness for all of mankind for a sin that didn't happen makes no sense. This has all sorts of ramifications that extend beyond this particular act including going as far as negating the reason for Hell which also negates the reason for Heaven and salvation. Since they can't resolve the ideas some chose to reject it for purely subjective reasons which is fine on a personal level but highly illogical externally. It should be noted that other religions do not have this conflict (that is do not require these things to define their belief system, etc) and at best make "no judgment" and at worse ignores Evolution.

One important idea learned in Philosophy is that ideas still have valuable even if they aren't true (how much value is another topic). Instead of taking the stories in The Bible and in particular The New Testament as valuable lessons that are great to teach to people, they would rather reject everything contrary to it which calls out these unsettling issues. That is okay if they personally want to do that but it becomes a problem when they feel the need to march into schools or legislative committees and telling them need to tell everyone to say something else instead.

People are free to believe whatever they want. They are not free to force people to believe what they believe. This is something both sides need to realize. Teachers doing a lesson on Evolution in Biology class are not trying to force a belief onto anyone. Having a church of some sort forcing a teacher to teach Creationism in Biology class is just inappropriate whether or not one believes or does not believe any of it. Having atheists and theists scream at each other they need to believe something else is also inappropriate.

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The issue has always been an attempt to mix together different "schools of thought" which makes about as much sense as trying to resolve Dentistry and Optometry. There is a temptation to try to make them similar things "compatible" when it turns out you shouldn't bother. It is fine to believe in whatever religion while also holding evolution and all of the results are accurate. Neither field of study actually makes claims contrary to the other where it is really only radical jerks on both sides that are causing problems by erroneously arguing the wrong things.

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Oh sure changing a name doesn't "fix" the issues with that are core to the game but it would have soured less people. It feels like if Dragon Age 2 was presented more as "another adventure in the same world" instead of "this is the true sequel" like they presented then people would have approached and treated it differently, warts and all.

As a rule of thumb, unless storyline is tightly bound they should avoid calling things sequels. I'm very supportive of the idea of multiple games in multiple parts of a setting where especially the "Dragon Age World" really has the space to do it....just don't call them sequels. :)

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It could be correctly argued that an issue with Dragon Age 2 was calling it Dragon Age 2. If they called it Dragon Age: Adverb Noun then expectations would have been different and less hostile. Going with "Inquisition" instead of a number is probably a wise idea.

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Dragon Age 2 burned me with their pre-release media so I'm not going to harp on them on releasing stuff like this but I am going to wait till people are releasing game play.

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The problem Tyrrael is describing is that an known issue with the "windows dongle" for the 360 controller is that it has a notoriously sketchy fuse and USB is notoriously sketchy in amp/voltage regulation. It is easy to bust the fuse and end up with a non functional receiver for the controller. You can try to replace the fuse but they are not easy to find and require skill to replace.

Basically, after going through this myself I came to the conclusion I should have just gone with Logitech. :/

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@connerthekewlkid said:

@extomar: I just recently came out of a year long coma, would the Roku be a good device to catch up on my TV shows?

As someone who is completely and totally just a random dude who is hip and loves high tech electronics and completely and totally not someone hired by any vendor to bolster their electronic reputation by planting information: The Roku is a reliable and inexpensive device suited to all of your television and streaming needs! I'm not saying it is awesome but it is pretty awesome!