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I let it slide as well to allow the uninterrupted LoL love on. :)

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What is Gatorade Tiger? I mean...isn't that like a alligator and a tiger? And why would you drink that?

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Aah so you want to use a "slippery slope argument" which is "meh". You can envision whatever future your imagination can take you but looking at the now what Valve is doing with TF2, CS:GO, and Dota 2 is not "evil" and seems pretty valid and fair.

Do you know what is kind of an icky F2P? Take a look at what happened with Mass Effect. You are locked out of single player and multiplayer features if you don't spend money. I will not be surprised at all if EA will offer some "bonus pack" for Dragon Age Inquisition for $9.99 and supply creates starting at $1.99.

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I can't figure out where pyrodactyl's hate is coming from beyond "Valve isn't making games I like" with a twinge of "I wish Valve would make something else". If these evil games themselves were not very good, why would people bother buying ineffectual cosmetic items? Beyond that, why is anyone bothered by someone wanting to spend money on a game they like? It is definitely not effecting you especially if you never touch their games where if you believe that if Valve wasn't so successful with these games they'd do something else like Half-Life 3 then you are sorely mistaken.

Stepping back for a moment, the issue seems misguided. To use the classic example, "Oblivion Horse Armor" is not a good deal but acting like Bethesda was evil seems incorrect.

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Meh I am not talking about money because as noted it is easy to make up production overseas on turds. I'm taking about the unusual quirk that this is the longest run of interconnected movies that are well received. Maybe this is more of a reflection of how dispersed and decentralized the actual mechanisms of movie production are these days.

But if you want to talk about the money, this is "yet another Marvel movie that is opening near $100 million..." kind of thing.

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Disney/Marvel can't keep making movies like this and succeed...can they? I mean just like Pixar at some point they will just make a "okay" movie...right? This is getting insane how this streak is continuing off of so many movies and so many directors and actors.

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What was the problem? I mean we aren't going to get another Freedom Force even though Levine seems to indicate he wants to more of it.

As for Half-Life 3, what I suspect has happened is that customer's tastes for single player FPS games have changed so dramatically it may not be the same game as designed any more. It would be a bad idea to release such a game or to force Valve to release it in that state.

Which is the bigger problem? Never seeing another Freedom Force or Half-Life 3 or seeing a piss poor version that sells okay? I'd rather never see Half-Life 3 if Valve isn't happy with it instead of doing it for the sake of money.

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All manufactured items have a "life cycle". For electronics, consoles are unusual in that they stick around much longer than other devices and computers.

There is nothing sinister going on here. Software moves so fast it is a miracle companies stick with consoles as long as long as they do.

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Hm, there are a bazillion games for free on PC that are complete digital. Just saying.

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I was digging through the collection and found my copy of Paprika. Satoshi Kon, where ever you are, you need to be praised more for making the best animated movies in the modern era. Here is some "Mediational Field" for everyone:

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...and the "reprise"...

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