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Of course there is a market and readership for long form essays and reporting. The problem is they "monetize" poorly or at best monetize as well as the "here are the 20 hottest cosplayers at PAX Prime". As the editor you can spend a lot of man hours over a long time producing one piece or spend a weekend taking pictures and dumping the images into the "gallery component".

As for why Polygon doesn't work, I'm not sure it works or fails but simply exists. Someone can claim that "1 for 3" ratio but I wouldn't know it. The only people I see re-tweeting Polygon links are Polygon staff. The only time Polygon articles get cited here is when they have a serious controversy which isn't exactly the most positive light. Are these articles really that good? If so then Polygon needs some serious PR help because no one but Polygon and GAF knows it.

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I would totally love to play a co-op scenario where you have to destroy mutant loaves of bread.

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Its not even what Anita says that makes me not respect her its the fact that she is a con artist. But on the basic topic of respect I default to showing everyone a basic level of respect until you prove to me that you don't deserve it anymore.

This is the oldest "trick" in the book literally. People claimed Socrates was a con artist because he kept pushing uncomfortable questions and prying into topics people would rather leave alone.

Of course, Sarkeesian is not Socrates (after all, Socrates was executed for his troubles) but I do wonder what your definition of "respect" is if they have to be appealing to your particular tastes first to even start. Controversies are by their definition controversial and uncomfortable but the ethics and morality are still worth investigating. I don't fault anyone for picking a stance on any controversy, even unpopular ones, but I do cry foul if they hate the person for no other reason.

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Another interesting topic from a different perspective from my own.

I can respect her opinion and efforts to share that opinion despite some of our differences on the subject.

I wish more even entertained this stance.

Can one have a difference of opinion and respect another even though one can consider it incorrect? People used too where that was how the body of work for philosophy and tangential topics where built up until the 20th century. But that was back in the days when publishing took effort so you needed to be a little more careful and completely write out essays and books (or say them in a prepared speech) but now it is so easy to post nonsense many don't even bother trying to think about the argument and just type away and hit reply.

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Hitman GO is exactly the thing all companies need to do. Instead of trying put Hitman on a tablet/phone if they got a good idea and it fits the game then they should go for it.

I just wish their other mobile stuff wasn't so pricey and goofy.

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Hey now, producing content like pewdiepie does (along with a bunch of others) isn't easy. Suggesting they don't deserve the money and rewards or suggesting GB deserves it more is misguided.

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As pointed out, Capcom isn't up for sale as much as the board decided they won't automatically move to protect themselves from someone buying a majority stake.

Entertaining the idea that someone like Nintendo should buy them: I'm not sure it is a good idea at all that any of the vendors should buy Capcom. This situation kind of reminds me of the Rareware thread. Capcom, like Rareware, had a few big hits and some interesting games but nothing that technically worth spending a lot of money on. The legacy of Microsoft buying Rareware is that they basically ended up with their old IP and the shell of the old company. How would that benefit any of them?

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I still do. When everyone else was scrounging and scrambling they were adapting. While others were just retreading previous generation stuff but 'up-res', Square-Enix was and probably still is the most progressive Japanese video game developer there is. That takes some skill regardless if the end result is any good. For as much flak they've gotten recently they've also had some profound games and I see nothing to indicate they will stop.

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EA will buy them, slowly drive the entire thing into the ground.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

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This (resurrected) topic seems dubious where it is like asking "What is the best cars in the last 20 years?" The problem is that design and engineering has changed dramatically in that time frame rendering judgment comparisons at best weak and at worse meaningless.