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A key thing to note along those lines is that diplomacy can be a lot more effective with Russia than it was against the Soviet Union just with economic pressures because Russia is so much more integrated with the world than the Soviet Union. The SR only "traded" with itself and Eastern-Bloc countries and a bit to China so actions beyond shadow/proxy wars was kind of limited. Today the threat of freezing assets and disallowing visas is much more of at potent because their wealthy have investments in projects in Europe, send their kids to US and European schools, and like their freedom of movement to take a vacation in the Caribbean. Interrupting that is easy and having the wealthy of your country complaining doesn't strengthen your party politics.

As already mentioned counting on Russia's energy to silence critics is probably not going to work due to the shifts in supply stocks mainly from Canada and US. If nothing else, lots of Europe itself just will not want to trade with Russia because it looks like bad business. Whatever good will Russia had left in Ukraine has evaporated into hardline partisan politics and the rest of Europe will soon follow if they keep going this route.

I ask again "Is it worth it for Russia?" They gain a little country and secure some naval bases but they lose a bunch of trade and global prestige they tried to build from Sochi Olympics. If this was just about monkeying around with Ukraine to get a favored government installed that would be one thing but because of their actions and players in proxy for them it is not screwing around continental and international trade. To that end the US and EU should be doing everything possible to ratchet up the "cost" of going through with it.

ps. It should be noted that everyone has forgotten whats-his-face that started the whole thing.

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The US already has by clamping down on visas and locking up financial accounts and trying to provide aid directly to Ukraine.

The question shouldn't be "Should the US intervene?" but "What are the realistic options?" I think Obama is actually doing the best possible clearly ratcheting up the diplomatic pressure instead of saber rattling. Is it worth the time and effort for the US start a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine Probably not. The flip side is whether or not it was worth it for Russia to gain Crimea where it is easy to see probably not since they've made all of the smaller neighbors nervous if not embrace the west quicker let alone piss off the EU. The US should play on this instead of reaching for the military option. Specifically, the play of Russia counting on "King Petroleum" to silence complaints could play out like "King Cotton" where Canada and US are now exporting a bunch of surplus and could easily favor to Europe.

What I would like to see are former soviet and eastern bloc countries take more of a lead here. Let a group from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania go to Ukraine and the eastern parts acting as impartial observers. They know the scores on both sides where if anyone can make a judgment on who is abusing what they could better than any other country in the region. Russia could still complain that these observers have a bias against Russia but the only other word we have that everything is fine is Russian.

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The nice thing about the launch of the new lines is that the previous line is still powerful but falls in price. Depending on your time line and how much you want to shop around you could get that and similar 760 for a little cheaper.

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Hmm, out of the games I've bought in the last six months only 2 have been single player (Disgaea D2 and FF13-3). Everything else has been multiplayer/online only so I'm not sure why you think "MP Only" is some new trend.

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What I find funny is all too often people, including the OP, forgets about Intel and how big their graphics tech actually is right now. Intel graphics are in a lot of things and probably more successful than a lot of what AMD is doing for that class of hardware.

The problems with AMD/ATI is that it was always hard to tell if you "got your money's worth" from the lower price point if the software was unstable and low quality. Some people can make it work while others can't. All of which makes Intel and Nvidia happy enough to sell you the more expensive but more stable and usable product they offer.

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Can I hate about threads like this? And was the previous game "nigh-perfect"? Really?

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Or the contrary BS circling counterclockwise from the people constantly inspecting her every action? It should be noted I haven't excused or damned her but simply pointed out "This is an honest mistake that happens quite a lot on Youtube let alone the Internet" and seemed to get yelled at for doing it.

Indeed the irony is pretty thick that holier than thou complaining about other holier than thou attitudes.

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Yeah, well as long as people keep pre-ordering day 1 busted games no one is going to care.

Exactly! Use your heads, people! Stop pre-ordering games you know are going to be busted upon release!

Throwing my "this" in as well.

That was supposed to be sarcastic. Damn it.

Curse your correctness! :) Don't pre-order games that seem to have a high degree of being broken at release. For some reason, people are still surprised when a highly complex game that requires a bunch of highly complex systems to interact in concert fails to launch smoothly. Its like a complete mystery to them on how anything could have gone wrong.

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I tire of the over wrought single player dude bro campaign. If there needs to be single player content, it should be for tutorial, demo and training for in game systems.

Why would it need to necessarily be a dude bro campaign? These guys are trying to break the Call of Duty mold, something tells me they wouldn't just want to do the bombastic set piece thing. A cool, subdued small single player campaign for their next installment would be really welcomed by me.

I'll give you a hint: If one wants to "break the Call of Duty mold" then one might want to not do a first person game where the player equips and uses a lot of guns, rewards for shooting guns, gives out perks that improve how the guns operate, and features giant robots that drive in the first person perspective equipped with a larger gun, gives out rewards for shooting that gun....

The idea that one can create a "subdued small single player campaign" with this setting and setup is pretty fanciful. The idea that this team can do it is laughable.

Yes, the people who created the super innovative Call of Duty 4 campaign and multiplayer perk system, the game that revolutionized the genre and was one of the last generations most influential series.

Please, continue to be a cynical jerk, I am sure it will get you somewhere someday.

I am not sure who is the cynical jerk. Did you miss how the super innovative Call of Duty 4 team kind of told a borked story that is about as subtle as a giant robot with a sledge hammer the size of a building with the word SUBTLE emblazoned in neon orange paint on the head? Or do you just ignore all of those things just to disagree with posters?

And since you need more hints: What does "subdued small single player campaign" do for this particular game? Is there an actual problem? The fallacy that your original post is based upon the idea that games, in particular this one, need a story when that is pretty far from the truth. You say "man I love the setting" but give no actual support or reason to behind that statement. Do you mean the generic sci-fi space marine? Or did you mean the rich narrative that comes about with CTF or Deathmatch or Holdout match types? It is just a statement you made and expect others to "yeah! yeah!" but upon inspection it is nonsense.

If you want a game that has a "subdued small single player campaign" then you are looking at Gone Home or Portal or Left 4 Dead which are games that are dramatically different in tone and scale and production. There is an honest complaint from producers that this content is expensive to make and only played once and forgotten so to make it worthwhile it has to go on for hours and hours. How many players are even going to make it to the end of a 10+ hour single player campaign let alone touch it again when new MP content is released?

Do you see how Gone Home would work in TitanFall? Actually thinking about that, it would be hilarious.

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Yeah, well as long as people keep pre-ordering day 1 busted games no one is going to care.

Exactly! Use your heads, people! Stop pre-ordering games you know are going to be busted upon release!

Throwing my "this" in as well. I can understand someone who has tracked the progression of a game and participated in prerelease/beta and whatever who know the game for themselves and they are getting into and pre-order for day 0 delivery but someone doing the same because they read something on a web page?? That is just a recipe for disappointment.

For almost every game out there, one will be fine if you wait till the weekend or even another week to buy it. Buying into "pre-release hype" and pre-ordering does nothing but pressure sites like GiantBomb into making snap reviews.