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The problem is: If you believe in capitalism and a friendly business environment, then you should favor free flow of labor including low barriers for immigration and emigration.

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If you want a rough measure, if you want a 10 minute clip of internet video that doesn't look like it was assembled in some amateur's spare time, it takes about a day of honest production work. The thing Giantbomb often does to avoid that is they provide raw footage instead of doing things like scripts, overlays, etc which needs minimum post processing and cutting.

Basically making internet content is more time consuming than people think. Asking "What are they doing for that other 15 hours?" shows this misunderstand where the answer is honestly "doing work for the next feature/video/content thing that has to go up on the site".

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I'm never sure how to feel about this style of game with the "intricately detailed but ultimately static character image that looks left/right" thing.

You mean visual novels?

Yeah but that style in supposedly "action games" like this seems to be out of place. If it is a budget thing, I would rather have them stick to "in engine" scenes instead of the "static image moves in from the right, static image move in from the left, dialog happens, flip the images and have them move off screen, start combat scenario".

I think it has to do with the fact they often animate the blinks and the breathing. The breathing, especially on the "bigger" women", looks anatomically crazy.

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Saying games turn people into X is like saying a book or movie turned them into X. What really happens is they were already that where the media just lowered or altered their inhibitions.

There is no evidence that video games make people more violent but there is a lot of evidence that shows that video games, especially competitive games, alter their mood to be more aggressive.

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I'm never sure how to feel about this style of game with the "intricately detailed but ultimately static character image that looks left/right" thing. Do they do the small distortion thing to simulate "breathing" too?

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A giant "meh" from me. It is just like the Wolfenstein changes where I am not sure it is worth getting upset about.

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I love doing bot-matches as a warm up or a cool down. Or if you want to YOLO it, you can always go to the Giantbomb channel and just ask for a mm. Just be up front with your experience level.

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"Nintendo has you, they have us all. You are their bitch"? I haven't bought anything from Nintendo in almost three years. If Nintendo "has me" they brought me to a place where I find them irrelevant.

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It should work fine but clearly with "Your Millage May Vary" just like with any "under class" hardware.

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I want them to do something new where I almost wonder if Rockstar could take a shot at "genre piece" settings and such. Could they make a "near future/omg nanomachines" game? Beyond that, why not go do something "GTA Hong Kong"?