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In general terms, what ever you write is copyrighted to you but service has the right to modify. In this particular case, CBSi has reserves the right to do whatever they deem necessary with content anyone creates here.

For most things that is okay. If you are really concerned about protecting content, you shouldn't be posting on a publicly available message board. Instead you should be holding it on a service you control.

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I'm not American so I have no understanding of baseball so I don't get the joke. Anyone wanna explain?

I am an American and understand baseball and I don't get the joke.

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That sounds like the complaint made against similar games like Bioshock complaining that "the turn" is insulting. For some it is a neat twist for others I guess it is a slap in the face (how does a game do that anyway?).

Maybe my stance is more of a reflection of how dull I think the "campaign story" in these games has gotten. It has gotten so bad that I would rather see a game like this trying to go to uncomfortable ideas and questions than another dude-bro story where someone is dropping a "savior nuke" or a space station getting blasted out of the sky or a nuke getting blasted out of the sky by a space station or nanomachines or whatever.

The issue with Spec-Ops: The Line comes down to this: This game setups and asks "Are you really having fun (or feel anything for that matter) playing any FPS with such contrived design and contrite story?" That is a great thing to ask but to pull this off they had to make a game that was contrived and contrite. They don't get a pass just because they are insightful asking "Don't you think this is all messed up?"

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To be clear, I don't think FPS games are a great design for an "adventure game with multiple decision paths" but I thought the way Spec-Ops tried was better than many other action games where they slap on the "save the puppy/kick the puppy" morality system. Upon reflection almost anything you can try in that scenario is a "bad idea" but I give the game credit for allowing the player the freedom to try it anyway.

I can not recommend Spec-Ops: The Line to people but I do say it is one of those "demands to be seen" things. Usually a game this annoying to play would make me stop but story and themes were fascinating enough to make me keep playing on just to see how it was going to screw with things next. We laugh at how terribad the campaign is in games like CoD where this game does something...else...that seems more effective and is definitely memorable. But is it good? I can't say it is.

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Spec-Ops: The Line stuff I remember off the top of my head:

- You were heading down. A lot. Almost all of the time you were climbing down. Down. Down. Down...

- Loading screens messages were spooky.

- There are a surprising number of "alternate paths" for the "decision time" scenes they throw at you. This is something that games need to take cues from where even though it is constrained there are multiple ways to make the choice.

- Completely terrible to play and a completely miserable experience but still a fascinating game where it could be argued that the banal play and unsettling atmosphere on purpose and the point. But then if that is the case, where they too on the nose?

There was no way a game could compete with Call of Duty: Whatever Fighting Something so why not go with creating an insane game (literally and figuratively) instead? The real thing I want to know: How did they get a producer to sign off on this thing?

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Does anyone know the math/split for the invited teams right now? I am wondering for just showing up and getting blown out (ie. losing all of the games), what does that team take with $10m prize pool? I am not in the right place to look up this information but if that number is still "pretty damn good" they might need to invite more teams.

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I guess you are. I'll give you a hint: The topic is cultural and but then turn around and ask "Well I guess the differences are cultural?" This is a poor way to make an argument.

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This is conjecture, but look. I'm a proponent of the free market. Let women compete with men. If they are equally capable, they will flourish and everyone will be happy. But this is a fantasy. Chess is a very democratic game. The only thing that determines and outcome of a match is the mental capacity of the individual. Chess is a male dominated (as well as segregated) "sport". Why?

Because the people who 'dominate' the sport at this point in history are men. It is not because of biological reasons.

Hockey is a Canadian dominated sport. It is not because of biological natural selection that makes all Canadians better at slapping rubber with graphite.

Septic work is a male dominated industry. It is not because of biological natural selection that makes men more capable of tolerating the smell of human excrement.

Men used to make up the majority of book readers, and now women make up the majority of book readers. It is not because of biological reasons.

So the physical differences between men and women are cultural as well?

This is like asking "So the physical differences between a left and right handed person are cultural as well?" The answer is "yes" but you fail to realize it doesn't matter in a lot of context but some important ones.

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Hopefully I can continue to disagree with Patrick without being a fucker.

Disagreement without being a fucker is totally cool.

Siding with Jeff in the great Yoshi debate, however, is a total fucker move.

I need a scorecard....which one loves Yoshi's Island and which one thinks it is a blight upon the mario lands?

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Does that mean new endurance run? Damnit I want an endurance! Like an old school Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana or The Legend of Dragoon. The Legend of Dragoon would be so dope.

I can not imagine a more controversial topic to ask about.

The usual answer has always been: You can't force an endurance run. And they shouldn't do it "just because someone wants it" either.