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I don't believe you should be worried about the next X-Men movies. You should be worried about one of the largest news/media companies in the US is trying to own one of the largest content pipelines in the US.

Fox News' Monday Night Nitro

The way news is going this way it is kind of like wrestling commentators. "How wrong is this guy? Man he is so wrong brother! HEY YOOOO!"

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...what do you want to say about the new bombcast? I honestly have no idea what the controversy is about where people seem inordinately unhappy about something I can't figure out.

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I don't believe you should be worried about the next X-Men movies. You should be worried about one of the largest news/media companies in the US is trying to own one of the largest content pipelines in the US.

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Yahtzee. The game has an easy rule set that anyone who can understand counting can understand and enough luck that anyone can win. Probably a metaphor for the 20th Century in general.

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I guess? What does "unappreciated classic system" mean anyway? People say the great things about the TG16 as well but I'm not sure it means anything either.

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Don't care. More wondering what the story justification is let alone why not change the name.

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- Venomancer is great in a push team. Like other wards, plague wards must be targeted individually to clear and are great as temporary warding and Poison Nova is surprisingly effective in a team brawl. I think Veno is an okay beginner hero because Plague Wards are "fire and forget" but you have to play him "shy".

- Phantom Assassin is one of my favorite heroes to play when "I just don't care". Although she relies on a little luck, her dagger is surprisingly long range and will crit with Coup De Grace. The fun part in my view is that she is actually open to multiple item build. Yasha? Sure. Butterfly? Sure. Desolator? Sure. Eye of Skadii? Sure. :) It should be noted when I play against PA I definitely get MKB or disable to help keep her under control.

- Clinkz is like Drow Ranger has hit hard times being a single target harder Carry. Facing a Clinkz makes the other team to have a "invis tax" where they have to carry reveal items and fully sentry warded or get snipped. If you like playing assassination style "stalking heroes" then Clinkz works but just like those other heroes you need to be patient and be "shy".

As for mid, it does take certain heroes to handle mid properly. Queen of Pain would work fine mid but Phantom Lancer should go a side lane with support help. Often times being in mid isn't about "winning" but holding off the enemy long enough that the other lanes get high enough to help break the tower. Running mid lane helped me work on my "map sense" and defensive stance. Although it is great when the team calls out someone is missing it is up to you to constantly double check and take defensive action when you can't see them.

ps. Dendi is a character in Dragonball?

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I wouldn't say that, I bought a NVidia 580 back when that thing was blazing fast, bleeding edge new, and stupidly expensive and it is still good today. I got my entire worth out of it and then some.

Buying an expensive hardware makes sense if you plan to use it for a long time which is why I usually recommend spending up on those parts. That doesn't you should do it all of the time because there are clearly risks but it isn't foolish either. The important thing is to stick in your budget.

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Off the top of my head:

  • A Chinese gamer new org called Gamefy "left" cameras in DK's team room, "inadvertently" running and filming, and "accidentally" uploaded showing DK making and talking about their drafting strategies.
  • There appears to be some quirky targeting exploit that is currently available and is probably still unpatched that involves activating a skill on a target then trying to activate something self targeted.
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I don't think you need to get bogged down reporting numbers all of the time but occasionally churn out:

  • How much time played.
  • Most successful hero/champion/vegetable/mineral/whatever.
  • Win/loss over the period

And combinations there of. And for sure it isn't to criticize but to see how deep and crazy you've dived. :)

Dotabuff.com is a nice (and importantly) third party tool to do that data mining automatically if you have public profile turned on. I don't know if LoL has a similar system.