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@extomar: Well I think Inferno could have been as hard as it was and just balanced better so everything didn't literally one shot you; that just killed the hope for most players (and made those of us that did it feel like idiots after the fact for doing so). The big problem was the Auction House and the loot systems. Also 5% is a gross overestimation at this point, it might eventually get to 5% but that will probably take a few months.

Looking back on the history of the thing, they were counting on the combination of the Real Money Auction House and stubborn elitism to push players through to the high end which a lot hated either way. Getting one shotted by AE damage and AOE Denial and AOE Gather effects from multiple champions rushing the players in an area like the Act 2 sewers was a terrible situation. Suggesting that players need to spend another 20 hours running around in Inferno Act 1 is not reasonable nor did it feel reasonable that they just needed to spend $10 in the Auction House.

The issue is that the old fashion MMO style of content was ruinous which Diablo 3 dabbled in and quickly correctly. Blizzard even recognized this was a problem much worse in WoW where you had a giant team of artists and content creators and testers working super hard on a boss fight only a few hundred out of a million would ever try see for months let alone a year later. They determined it wasn't an efficient use of their time and money build games like that and I'm happy they change their stance on both games. That doesn't mean they "cater to filthy casuals" but that everything but a few specialized situations can be seen by almost every single player.

Back to Destiny, it really boils down to whether or not there are enough things to do for most of the players. If this raid content is really what most players are supposed to do then it should be tuned so that most players can do it in a reasonable amount of time instead of months form now.

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The original issue with Diablo 3 was that they subscribed to the view that "hardcore only play at this level" (5% of the players see 100% of the content) which was definitely a ruinous attitude and belief to have. When they backed off this, the game got a lot better and way more fun. This is something Destiny should embrace where they should design the game such that 95% of the players can see 100% of the game instead of the elite few.

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The Intel HD 4000 is a very common video card due to its price and support but it is not powerful relative to competition offerings.

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Just do this: Don't worry about what other people like. If you are having fun with Destiny then you are having fun with Destiny and don't need to worry if the GB staff is or is not having fun as well.

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What they are banking on is that "Realms" will actually be feasible and deployable in 9 months and people will pay for them. That is really their gamble where trinkets and sundry isn't what Microsoft is interested.

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@extomar: I think Notch just doesn't want the responsibility of owning/operating a company and all of the headaches that entails. It's not about selling off Minecraft, but everything associated with it.

I definitely get that sense from reading up on the responses. And I get the sense that Minecraft is starting to shift into a "mature state" where changing anything is met with resistance making the whole thing "generally unfun".

To be clear I don't fault Notch for selling. I am only wondering if Microsoft over paid or if they could have spent that money in better ways like revitalizing first parties to release several new games and IPs instead or spent a fraction acting as an indie producer. I feel that Microsoft isn't going to beat Sony let alone anyone else with a game studio that had one hit where instead they could bury Sony in an avalanche of games.

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I am not sure how people see this as "makes sense" even now. With Rareware this was a company with decades of reputation behind them making a bunch of games. Mojang made one successful game and tinkered with some others. Notch made out like a bandit which is a "whatever" in my view. It feels like the real question is whether not Minecraft really is worth billions or if 2.5 billion could have been spent revitalizing first parties (you know...like get Rare to make a new Banjo?) or cultivate a hundred indie games or what.

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It is possible that the "dynamics" have changed over the last generation. I wonder if it is more about "guys don't buy so much any more" more than "we want to sell to girls".

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I wonder if there was a way to just sell Minecraft off instead of Mojang. Or the alternative is just to just stop work on Minecraft and "sunset" it. Or maybe Notch really is fed up with all of the crap "video games" throws around.

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@marokai: If I was in Notch's position and was offered that much money for my product, I'd take it. Even though he's only going to get a percentage of it, its a percentage of $2.5B. Shit, I'd be happy with 1% of $2.5B.

I can't fathom how this is a good investment for Microsoft though. It's not like Mojang are proven to be a top developer. I'm sure they've seen what Mojang have in the pipeline though, but will it be worth that much? Is this just going to be Rare all over again?

I can see how they make money from Mojang: They need to go out of their way to change absolutely nothing, port to new platforms and support old ones with vigor. But that REQUIRES the core Minecraft to almost never change where I'm not sure if anyone can keep their hands off. There will be a temptation do things like "Achievements" and "Mod API" and "In app store" that will easily ruin things.