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The last time I played FFX was the North American PS2 version but when I started up this version of FFX, it asked which version of the sphere grid I wanted to use. Can anyone tell me what the differences between the two are? I'm assuming one is from the north american version and the other is from international but does one make the game harder than then the other? Are there abilities on one that aren't on the other? Kind of a shame they don't give you a short blurb on what the differences are when they ask you to make your choice.

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As much as I hate the idea of 24 hr online check-ins and severe limitations on lending games to friends, I'm actually a little sad to see Microsoft do a complete 180 on their stance. It looked like they might have had some neat ideas on what games could do and how the way people played them could change, they just had a piss-poor messaging campaign for it and came off looking like Big Business coming in to nickel and dime you for everything you did with your console. Now we have both major console developers making consoles that function nearly identically to the last generation. That makes me a little sad. I suppose the saddest part is that no matter how everything shakes out for the Xbox One, everyone will always wonder what it could have been if Microsoft had stuck to their guns.

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My comp locked up on me while I was playing and when I rebooted and relaunched Torchlight 2, I saw that my lvl 76 outlander was completely gone. I know this game uses cloud saves and I was thinking if I pulled my last save out of the cloud, maybe I'll get me char back. After looking thru the menus, I didn't see any way to manually pull down cloud saves. Anyone know if this is possible?

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@Indiana_Jenkins said:

I've been paralyzed by fear and indecision stemming from my game collection for the past year and a half.

Here's how you deal with it :

You don't.

You wind up going back to whatever the last comforting game you beat was and slack off in that. I now have 80 hours in Saints Row The Third (a game that can be beaten in 10 hours). Eventually you get frustrated at your growing backlog, close your eyes and point at something, anything, and resign yourself to beating it. You learn to love again. You tell yourself, "Why didn't I play this earlier? Video games are awesome." You beat it. You feel like you accomplished something by making a small dent in your backlog.

But then you wind up playing more Saints Row.

Video Games.

This. I get indecision paralysis whenever I look at the 200+ steam games I have and then eventually just say to myself "maybe I'll just start up another Borderlands guy instead" and then hate myself for it. It also doesn't help that whenever a friend wants to go to EB to get something I usually tag along with no intention of buying anything and then as I walk around looking at the shelves, I see something like Infamous 2 or Resistance 3 for $20 and think "wow, I'm practically losing money by NOT buying this" and thus the backlog grows ever larger.

I still have a sealed copy of the original Dead Space that I tell myself I will play one day. This is the shame I live with.

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Was no one else a little disappointed that Tyrael becomes the angel of wisdom and not, say, Deckard Cain? I mean, hasn't the guy done enough over the last 3 games to have earned it? Tyrael's cool and all, I just think Cain would have been better suited for the role.

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Great! Now I just have to decide how to spend these last remaining hours of free time before it all disappears for the next year or so...

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Does anyone know if Blizz is allowing people to download the game a day or so early so digital owners can start playing right at midnight PST? I believe they did something similar to this with Starcraft 2 where you could download and install it on Monday but if you loaded it up before Tuesday you would just get an error message saying Battle.net isn't available to sctivate your copy.

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Yeah just found that out as well. Hopefully this maintenance will fix the other error code that I was getting yesterday whenever I tried to purchase anything off the PSN store.

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Having the same problem. I'm getting a different error code tho (NW-8942-3) Might be cuz I already have a PSN account.

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Having the same problem myself. After purchasing 2 things in relative quick succession, now whenever I try to buy anything I get the connection lost error. All other web-based functions work fine and hard resetting did not fix it.