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That you needed to create this thread to possible gain justification for pirating the game probably tells you if it's wrong or not.

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I dropped an extra few pesos for it when I bought the main game.

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  • Didn't give Faith the money
  • Stayed silent with Beauty then told Beast.
  • Went to Laurence's first, he lived.
  • Named 'The Pimp' as my suspect
  • Arrested Tweedle.

I really enjoyed TWD but wasn't expecting this to be in the same league with season two of TWD coming out soon. I'm glad that I was wrong about that, not only does the story have me hooked after the first episode but it looks better than TWD.

It might just be the city setting but the animation of the characters and backgrounds look much better, far more detail in the scenery.

Can't wait to see what happens in the next episode.

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I find it kinda odd that people have become so apathetic about launch issues for online games yet still get up in arms about DLC items or always online consoles. Not discounting the issues that always online or DLC have and their potential negative impact on gaming but complaining about them but becoming totally apathetic about some of the biggest companies in gaming failing constantly to launch online titles in a state that is playable is doing more harm than either of the other two issues.

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@demoskinos: Name a worse one? At least with SimCity you could get lucky and get the game to launch. It's nearly 3 days after launch and huge numbers of people are still to see anything but loading screens for the first mission.

That the game constantly freezes/crashes in the same place constantly for people seems to me that this isn't a case of too many people trying to play but the game just being fucking broken.

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Nearly 3 days after it launched, still no closer to even seeing what the first race is. Thankfully I no longer need to watch the intro cinematic each time I want to try to get online, I just get to watch my character walk over to the blue circle of doom and wait for the game to constantly load 'waiting for other players' or 'launching session'

Will this launch make Take2 the worst company in America next year?

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Ordered the Collector's Edition from Rockstar Warehouse so I'm at the whim of whomever they use for delivery.

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Request sent.

360 - ExtremePopcorn

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Since I get bombarded with ads all day in every other medium, I'm glad I can block ads on the internet.

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I'm still subbed to PC Gamer UK because the process to cancel it is so fucking complicated I can't be bothered to do it.