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Newcastle upon tyne, Tyne and wear, England

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Awesome job. Using this along with tweetymail means I actually catch some of the live content now. Thanks a lot.

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Am I the only one who leaves the mission complete screen up for way longer than necessary just to appreciate the awesome music? Even after 15 odd hours it still hasn't got old!

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Sigh. So this 'Launch Window' terminology is going to continue to be a thing then?

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@Tesla: I know they've changed "You Recovered". But don't worry, I think they've changed it to something almost as incomprehensible.

The weirdest change I noticed when playing last night was that they'd moved the archers on the drake sword bridge to the opposite end of the bridge. I guess it's kind of cool that they're making such detailed changes to the game at this point.

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Definitely not good news for the UK games industry. Especially seeing as their games by all accounts have been pretty good.
Maybe there'll be a silver lining if the 2 new companies go off and succeed.  Really hope so.
Also, ShortRound Games is an awesome name for a games studio.