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I thought GamerGate was a GoG/Greenmangaming style PC game purchasing site.

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Yep, Pewdiepie doesn't alienate his female audience by screaming rape constantly, saying he wants to rape every female character that comes on screen...

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All the Nintendo wank always seemed weird as a non-american/non-japanese.

Here the 80s and 90s were filled with C64s, Amigas and Sega consoles.

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Video Games, Movies, Music, none of these are "the problem", as almost every other ("first world", anyway) country gets those same games/movies/music, and yet we don't have the same ongoing issues with our gun cultures.

It's a sad combination of an incredibly lacking mental health system in America and an ongoing culture that revels in it's domineering past and present.

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@bd_monkey: Even worse is the fact this game will last you around 60+ hours of just one playthrough (no one ever does one playthrough).

I'm at 210 hours in the PC version, and about 200 in the PS3 version. But hey I guess $40 is "too much" for 410 hours of fun!

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@jackopm: Except they charged $40 instead of $50 (or $60) and packaged $15 worth of DLC content in it. So they didn't charge "quite a sum" for it.

Also the port does work perfectly, it's an exact port of the 360 version, except the framerate is stable. Just because it doesn't add a ton of other stuff doesn't make it a bad port. It doesn't make it a great port either. The port of Darksiders II was far worse, with cut content between platforms and game breaking bugs.

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"good on Microsoft should for attempting to inform a demographic"


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Raziel from Soul Reaper? Is that you?

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Crossposting from the PC screenshot thread:

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@SlasherMan:the skyrim ENB and a customized ENB setting based off of Fimbulvinter's ENB settings