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As with most (okay, ALL) forums I frequent, I've been a lurker here for a long time. But in this case, I decided it was about time to actually make an account.
I like video games -- I know, shocking revelation there. JRPGs are probably my favorite genre, but there are a ton of shooters, racers, and fighting games I also enjoy. I don't really have an all-time favorite game, just a ton of games that I adore.
What else... I like to draw, though my tablet's been busted for ages so I haven't really been drawing much lately. One of these days I'll get a new one. I also enjoy anime, if you couldn't tell by my user icon (It's the character Nice from Baccano!, btw). On top of that, I love music (who doesn't?), writing, photography, and reading. Pretty standard stuff.

I'm a hopeless romantic and a big sucker for a good romance story. That said, I have very little patience for games, anime, stories that tease at romance but never provide closure (I'm looking at you generic high-school romance anime. Ugg).
Anything else? Oh right -- the name. What's behind the name? Do I wear an eyepatch? Nah, but I had to for a couple months as a kid due to an injury I sustained from soccer. I can see with both eyes, though my sight is significantly weaker in my left eye. Since then I've developed an affinity for eye-patches -- pirates, anime/video game characters with them, etc. Women with eye-patches are hot, what can I say?
That's me in a nutshell. See ya.