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#1 Posted by Eyepatch (40 posts) -

Thanks for letting us know!

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If what Green_Incarnate said doesn't work, maybe you just accidentally hit the wireless connection button on your laptop and turned it off. I've done that before.
Though maybe not all laptops have such a button, mine does -- it's a little button on the right that glows orange when it's on and has a little icon of a satellite.
It might sound silly, but at least I'm not asking "Are you sure your computer is on?" =P

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@PureRok said:
" @moztacular said:
" Thats the way it is. They gave you full control in P4 after people asked for it from P3. The PSP version of P3 that is coming out someday is gonna have full control. I played P3 and THEN P4 over the summer, and didn't mind it. Made things a little easier I thought since you only needed to worry about what you were doin and just give some simple commands every now and then to your squad. Plus P3 has a better story, but more redundant dungeon crawling. "
P3 had a better story!? Really? Are you serious? It was one of the most cliched things ever. The whole thing could be seen from a mile away. "
Seriously, I mean I totally saw the 

from a mile away!
Wait... what?
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I'll take People Who Are Out Of touch With Reality for 500, Alex.

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@Jeust said:
" FFXII and Star Ocean: The Last Hope for it's real time combat, and Persona 3 and 4 for it's turned based tweaked combat. "
I find it hard to be able to put both P3 and P4 on a level playing field for combat systems when 3 had the insane flaw of not letting you control anyone besides the main character. I lost count of the number of times fights were harder than they should have been or I died against sub-bosses because my characters were busy casting Marin Karin or some other equally useless spell when I told them to focus on healing/support. I can definitely agree with P4's tweaked turn-based combat being great, though, and FFXII's gambit system was good even if you could make the game practically play itself =D
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This is some pretty awesome technology but something about it gives me the chills, and not in a good way. Mostly, I can imagine invasion of privacy issues giving them headaches....

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Depends on the song / band. For me, asking that is the same as asking, "What do you think about western pop music?" It's not exactly a question I can answer with a general "I like it" or "I dislike it", it really comes down to specifics. Though that song that Ben_H linked is crap. Auto-tune is just plain bad.

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A game that is too difficult, for sure.
While a game that is too easy may feel lacking, it can at least redeem itself somewhat if the story, characters, music, etc are good. You're not going to throw your controller down in frustration and give up on a game if it's letting you win.
On the contrary, if a game is too difficult, you may reach the point where you don't even get to experience all of those other elements if you feel like you've hit an impenetrable wall. "Story be damned, this game is too friggin' hard."

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@DarkShaper said:
" @ahaisthisourchance said:
" 2 Hangmen..AT THE SAME TIME! "
"Takes off glasses" My God....... "
This train of thought is making me LOL. Good work, gentlemen.
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@PercyChuggs said:
" I hate how, automatically, if a game plays just like a GREAT game, it's given a lower score. Sometimes I just want something familiar, in a new package. Dante's Inferno is this. I don't crave innovation in EVERYTHING I play. "
So explain why Bayonetta didn't see a score drop when its gameplay is much like DMC or GoW.
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