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It's gonna be giant spherical planetoids destroying alien races through the universe, rather than halo-like planets destroying alien races through the universe...

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I love me some Fatih from Mirror's Edge <3

Anyways, yeah, this kinda comportement/attitude toward women is a reason why games won't ever be taken as serious as movies/TV series/books...

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I'm pretty sure they'll ditch the "create-a-character" aspect for it. Just wait and see, I'm willing to bet on it.

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Just goes to show what we think of the BFG edition :P

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It's so bad... it looks like a fanmade gaming site on tumblr... blah...

At least we still got giantbomb, right? :P

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..or grab it for ~5$, brand new and still sealed on ebay.

@OAJ said:

I just want Doom 64 on XBLA or something (They could call it Doom 64x3.625).

Do like I did, download the perfectly running port of the game for pc. Just google "doom 64 ex" a minute, you'll find all you need.

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This director's cut should threw out all the "zombies" you fight in the game.

I mean, Swery already confirmed the editor forced those and he only was going to make a detective/Twin Peaks-y game original, not a "generic survival horror". (which the zombie parts makes this game look like)

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Alright, I'll be gladly missing it.

(come on people, don' just buy DLC to "buy DLC", do it only if you want to! plus non-canonical so not like you're missing some pages in a book..)

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After the surprise of the art style, it looks way more traditional than the recent PoPs. The HUD is kept intact, it still looks like a sidescroller/fighting game.

You know what? I'm loving it so far.

I just need it to play as good and fun as it looks, with some top notch precision and all.

Can't wait to see more on this.

(not everything needs to be photo-realistic to be "good" - I laugh at that term... *sees 1000+ crappy HD-looking games)

Hopefully it runs smoothly.