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@crusader8463: If you want to compete what? You can't even go hostile in these games anymore. If you play enough, you'll get as good of a character as people paying for shit.
Oh man I just thought of something. This is going to eliminate the fun of ripping off noobs who don't know what anything is worth. If they see that their ring is worth 80 bucks, they probably won't trade it for my set items. 
Wait, does this game still have regular-ass trading?
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@ChickenPants: That sounds crazy.. I'm all for it. 
I'd like there to be a challenge where each contestant tries to have the highest level character after 2 weeks in hardcore mode(that's still there, I think).  Losers have to buy the winner 50 bucks worth of loot.
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@S0ndor: Not really. Especially when LOD came out, everyone had pretty much the same loot, it was all about skill.
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All in! I'm taking a huge risk here.

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This is a 100% multiplayer game for me so I'm fine with it. Sucks for people in other situations, though.

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1.) Don't Shake The Baby 
2.) Russian Martian Batman 
3.) Vinny Vinny featuring Kreayshawn  
4.) Tortilla Press 
5.) Pop 'Em Drop 'Em SameGame 
6.) Headshots(Are Ruining Games) 
7.) Hot Dog Toaster 
8.) Not Like This
9.) 775 Million 
10.) 5 Stars

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The Blood on the Sand video review comes to mind, it's magical.  

 PoP 360 please

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@InertiaticESP:   A warning message is there after you beat MSM, too.  I don't know if you've done 3-14 yet but I Peanut is right, it's totally doable.
Star Road DLC would be cool, I wouldn't mind some Comic Jumper cameos. 
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There are better movies with action but Crank is the best action movie. 
Prince of Persia please
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All of mine are working except for