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I have never been outside Canada and I've only been to three provinces. I'm not well travelled to the say the least.

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I'm 20 and in the same situation. I even have a similar hairstyle. Not much else to say except you're not alone. It sucks but it's something you can't really fight so I'd say just try not to think about it to much, most people won't care.

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Buying the Fallout New Vegas Collectors Edition is up there considering it's one of my all time favourite games, same with Final Fantasy 9. Getting a PS2 for my birthday was also great because of all the great series that I got to enjoy with it, to this day it's still one of my favourite consoles and I still go back to play games on it on a regular basis. When it comes to just downright cool stuff though I'd say my copy of that .Hack fighting game that was only released in Japan is pretty awesome.

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Canadian game prices are wack yo. I made a game out of looking up old games on Amazon.ca to see the most insane prices you could ever imagine. I'm not surprised Walmart would pull this but the easy alternative is just going to EB games.

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Man you are not alone. I feel this all the time and it's slowly getting worse, especially since I'm in my last year of college before being thrown into the real world with no life or job experience. It really sucks. I wish I could offer advice to you but I haven't really figured it out either. I really hope you find your way though, it's a really shitty feeling.

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Giantbomb is fantastic and I'm glad to be here. It's sad our community is being labelled shitty because of horrible people that don't even post here.

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I'm really excited to see what the new hires will bring to the table, and it's also nice to have a full team making content again! From the bombcast they seem to fit in nicely with the rest of the guys so I have no doubts about their decision to hire them.

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I feel sorry for Dan and Jason being unwilling parties to this insanely stupid drama that's only occurred because they were the ones hired.

This whole thing is insane to me. I joined this site initially because I was tired of the all the internet drama. This site seemed almost to good to be true when I first started visiting so it kind of sucks that this stuff is starting to happen now. I still love this community and truly believe (and hopefully I'm right) that none of the people that I see posting all the time are contributing negatively to this whole mess of a situation. I feel really bad for the crew and the new hires that this had to happen :/. I just hope that people outside GB realize that the forum community is actually pretty great and that most of the people taking part in this are not even regulars here.

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I've been keeping my eye on this for a while now. Seems I'm going to have to finally pick this one up now that it's officially released.

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For JRPG I'm going to have to go with Final Fantasy 9. It's really hard to come up with a favourite game in general but I feel like FF9 has always been really high up there so I have no issue with saying it's my favourite JRPG. Everything about it is just perfect (For me).

Fallout New Vegas is going to be my pick for RPG. This one is way harder for me to choose because I change my mind on what my favourite RPG is everyday but New Vegas is an amazing game and I've spent countless hours playing it. Reminds me I still have a playthrough on the go that I need to start getting back into.

Just for the fun the runners up are: The Witcher 2, Arcanum, Gothic 2, Morrowind, Fallout 2, and probably many more.

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I've been playing it solo only and it's had some huge difficulty spikes but other then those few instances so far it has been fun. I can definitely see that the developers really want you to play coop though. I'd say just stick with whatever playstyle you want.