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I'm torn on buying them. I loved Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam but am I willing to pay that much for all of them? I'm not yet certain.

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I hate to say it but Persona 3 is currently on the backburner for me. I loved what I played of that game but I got 45 hours in and just kind of stopped. I have so many games I want to play right now so it could be a while before I go back, but I will beat it someday!

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Slowbeef and Diabetus's playthrough of the first Dead to Rights is a classic for me and is what made me a fan of theirs for all these years. I also really enjoyed their playthrough of Metroid prime 1-3 (Think I might go back and rewatch these soon).

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I don't think I'll ever regret playing games. I've had some great memories from gaming, playing Mario Kart and lots of other games of that era with tons of friends was a blast. They have also helped me get my mind off of things I'd rather not think about, they help relieve stress, and they are just pretty darn fun in general. I think I'll continue to play them for a very long time.

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@seikenfreak: Thank you very sharing duder, I really appreciate it. That's sort of what I'm afraid will happen, me just kind of sitting there the whole night not really having a good time, but at the same time like @hatking mentioned, I want to go in the hopes that maybe I'll break out of this shell I've created and have a great time. The unfortunate part is that it would be hard to remove myself from the situation if I do end up not having fun because the party is being held at a farm. Everyone will be staying over for the night sleeping in tents, and since my driver is also going to the party I would have to stay the night regardless. I suppose I could just go to sleep sooner then everyone else haha. I also feel I need to try Alcohol once in my life even if I do end up hating it, just to see what all the fuss is about!

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@hatking: Thank you for the encouragement! I'll definitely keep in mind what you said whenever I start having doubts about it. This is a pretty big thing for me because I've been battling self esteem issues for a very long time, so being invited to a party is something I would have never thought possible before now.

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I was recently invited to a party by a friend (My first ever party) and as weird as it sounds I'm kind of freaked out about it. I'm 20 and I've never drank alcohol or been to a party so I have no idea how to react. I'm also kind of scared of the idea of trying alcohol because I'm a picky eater and have a very strong gag reflex.

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I've put money into a Runescape membership back in the day, but other than that I've never really put a whole lot of money into free to play games before.

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I played it for about 45 hours and I feel that was my limit with the game. By the end of it every time I started playing it I just got the sudden urge to go play Oblivion instead. I did enjoy it for quite a while though, I just don't think the world they created was all that engaging.

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Probably Gothic 2 but it's really hard to say for sure since I love so many games. The first Gothic is what got me into RPGs and PC gaming so it holds a special place in my heart. The 2nd game takes everything from the 1st and expands it. Better graphics, bigger world, more items, more quests, etc. I even love the cheesy voice acting. I'm just in love with the world they created and replay the game frequently a long with it's prequel. It's a real shame the series is pretty obscure, and it doesn't help that the only game that was meant to be mainstream (The fourth one) sucked so hard.