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@mb said:

The new California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas are delicious.

Fucking word. All of them are so good.

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These songs are good dude. The beats definitely have that UK garage/Burial vibe.

And if you don't know who Burial is immediately get all of his shit because oh my god it's incredible.

And while you're at it give Ametsub a listen too, seems like something you'd be into.


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Don't record footage of IWBTG:G. That won't make for an interesting video.

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BLT with G.

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@DyranLK said:

"You don't get it. Doesn't matter whether I'm right or wrong, everything we do is because of what we think, and everything we think comes from how we feel. All we are are just...just vessels -- vessels of knowledge. Yeah. And every minute, those vessels are growing...because of what the people around us are putting in it."

~ Brought to you by a certain sophomore I know that takes himself a little too seriously, lol. Fun guy to be around, and sure, he's pretty smart for his age, but really now; 'vessels of knowledge' just screams 'corny'...D:

If he replaced the word knowledge with information, then his "profound" statement would be a lot more accurate. Why won't you spend some time involved in a philosophical discussion with this guy, or anyone really? Anything in this nature of discussion will sound corny because it's been beaten over the head since mankind started thinking. Only by discussing the nature of existence can we emit these thoughts into the noosphere and take one more baby step to the answer. And if we ignore these questions, what are we doing? What else matters? One's social commitments don't matter, for society is an entirely fictionalized abstract notion we created. If figuring out the nature of the universe isn't what matters, then we're all fucking doomed to some sort of terrible existential nightmare of consumerism and propaganda.

I am on 25mg of psilocybin right now, so fuck y'all.

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Christ, it's as if you have no idea how EA has been doing everything for the past 5 years.

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There are finally good maps!