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sweet thanks for uploading that would be great if you uploaded the whole pack

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i think garth marenghis dark place that was awesome

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im pretty good at shooters for example I have a resistance 2 Kd of 2 but i fail horribly at fighting games like street fighter even though i love them dammit

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1. if your playing with people you know or want to be at all tactical you need a mic, think battlefield without the preset commands
2 not sure
3 All the expansions are alright however i dont think anyone actually plays them vey much

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i agree with you but i still think its a shame you forgot valkyria chronicles as it has, in my opinion some of the best stylised graphics this generation

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My vot goes to chrono trigger, as much as i enjoyed final fantasy 6 it was only through sheer force of will that i finished it unlike chrono trigger where i felt emotionaly attached to the characters. However this might be slightly biassed as iv had a poor history with FF6 save files corrupting

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having the flat end of a nail impale my knee. For some reason it didnt hurt much at first it wasnt until i looked later i noticed all the blood then it hurt.
Also when i was 3 cloathes lining myself on an oven