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Yeah basically what Gike987 and H2Oyea said, and a strategy that I always found worked well for me was fighting from power lines as you move fast making you hard to hit and are constantly healed.

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@MooseyMcMan: Yeah its kinda both, the combination of arcana will tell you what arcana the persona you get out will be, but the actual persona's used gives you the "tier" in the arcana the product will be.
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@Catolf said:
" @Gamer_152 said:
" There's nothing hotter than a girl signing documents. Really though, the thing that freaks me out about all this is not the sexual content but just how young that girl looks. Whatever age they've slapped on her character she still doesn't look like anything above 12. "
that's the thing with cute little sprites, no one looks over 7-12. XD "
Yeah and this being disgaea even if they're meant to be 12 they're still 120 years old.... Ah NIS making life easier for pervs.
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umm... if I remember correctly you draw a line from her to the cursed thing...
Yeah its to hugely obvious what you're meant to do.

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man this game looks so boss.

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I believe that wikipedia has been a tad confusing here, I always thought that the persona 3 main character's first name was Arisato and Last name was minato, and I believe that the persona 4 main characters First name is indeed souji with seta has his first name. And wow didn't think that anyone else actually used canon names except me.

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its really easy, just select the US as your country when you sign up for a new account, however it is worth mentioning that the demo is only for PSN+ at the moment, however I think its available to all tomorrow.

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@CptChiken: ... that takes me back a further than I'd like to remember...
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its the water starter from the game, it looks pretty lame if Im honest.

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yeah Im already in the wifi room