A Warning for Those Who Seek Autographs - A Memoir of PAX East

 Alright guys, I went to PAX East this year along side a good many of you. The show was awesome, I got a spot near the front and my friends and I had an epic time, even the two whose only exposure to the crew had been the happy hour with Gal Gun and the late night Star Trek discussions of Jeff, Ryan and Matt Rorie. We laughed, we cried, and so on and so forth. You can see me in the video, I have the viking hat on. Anyways so at the end of the panel everyone says they'll be available to chat with, and for photos and autographs after the panel and I decide I want to wait around and get some. So everyone in my group left while I hung around trying to figure out who to approach first. Then I realized, I had no idea what I could get signed! I hadn't worn my membership shirt that day (to be honest it doesn't fit me anymore, waaaay to big but my weight loss is another story for another day) and I didn't have anything else interesting like a copy of persona 4 or something of that ilk. What I did have though was a pad of paper from my hotel that I had taken and written notes on what my plan for the day was.
So over the course of the next half hour or so and I approached the crew and ask them to sign the notepad I jacked. They laugh, they do, we chat and everything is fine and dandy. (As an aside I have to say that we are lucky fans, cause all of the crew are very approachable. Never once did I feel like I was bothering someone while we were talking and everyone was happy albeit a bit tired.) So I get a few pictures and everyone's signature except for Kessler who apparently ran off somewhere before I could get to him. I leave a happy man and head back to the hotel. 
Fast forward to the next day. Wanting to keep the pad of paper safe I place it ontop of my suitcase which itself is ontop of the dresser. I go about my merry way and come back to find that the cleaner had replaced it with a new blank pad. I was pretty pissed obviously and I tried to contact the management but there was really nothing they could do, the cleaner had just thrown it away. I hoped to run into the crew later during the expo and perhaps get another set but there was no such luck. I also missed being 21 for the bar meet up by just a few crucial months so I couldn't get some more there either. Seven signatures down the drain. Hopefully they'll all be back next year. 
MORAL OF STORY: Get your autographs on something more noticeable than a pad of paper.

 At least I still have my photographs.