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#1 Posted by Ezlo (49 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

This. This. A thousand times this.

#2 Posted by Ezlo (49 posts) -

Would you actually go?

#3 Posted by Ezlo (49 posts) -

@Sweep: Bold first move. Never seen that opening used much before. I'll go to Waterloo.

#4 Posted by Ezlo (49 posts) -

Chew is awesome! Very sarcastic, have you seen the Happy Hour where I think Tony recommended it? I think it was one of the free ones. Anyways it's a fantastic book with some real good potential.

#5 Posted by Ezlo (49 posts) -

@The_Drizzle: That's the entire first plot arc. At least the cover is exactly the same as the one I read.

#6 Posted by Ezlo (49 posts) -

It's okay, I like the art very much but I've only read the three current trade collections during my lunch breaks at work spread out over the course of several months as the released. The story seems decent enough but I can't quite piece it together enough to give you a decent explanation. Creepy house, ghosts possessing people, keys that unlock doors that do magical stuff like make you big or let you see inside a person's head.

If you find you like it I would also recommend Sandman, Unwritten, Freakangels, Fables and Preacher. Sandman and Preacher in particular since they are complete and you can read them from beginning to end without waiting.

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A while ago I borrowed a PSP from a friend for the express purpose of playing this game. Now when I played it I was recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed as was drugged up on painkillers. I barely remember the game at all, but I do remember Evil Lord and Princess modes being very different. Princess mode was like a sidescrolling shooter and Evil Lord mode was almost like a mini RTS. Why did they change it? I liked it the way it was.

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@Hailinel: Actually that was one of my favorite parts of the game. But I'm odd anyways.

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@wafflez said:

@ 2:09 is that guy looking at GB?

Yeah, looks like Brad playing The Kid's warp zone.

#10 Edited by Ezlo (49 posts) -

This looks interesting.

Also, any Fez news is good news, even if it's old news that really isn't news.

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