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This game is fantastic. A huge, huge upgrade over Elemental. Shockingly for a strategy game, even the included campaign is wonderful. The game is easily worth $20 if you like Masters of Magic back in the day.

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@Milkman: If it has "intense tactical combat" it is nothing like Civ: Rev. I guess Firaxis could be lying though?

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@Milkman: The games aren't even remotely similar.

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It’s unclear how much XCOM: Enemy Unknown will borrow from Firaxis’ hugely popular Civilization Revolution, but given that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to PC and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, there’s reason to believe the approach may be similar. Thankfully, Civilization Revolution was a pretty good game.

Uh, why would this game be anything like Civ: Rev?

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This is awesome, been using it all week.

Today it won't let me log in. Is it broken somehow?

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I didn't think they could do, I am truly impressed.  2K found a way to make XCOM look worse. Well done...I guess?

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Translation: that shit BioWare charges you $10 for? Ya, we're giving that away because it's just cutting room floor stuff with little value but it will keep you in our cool world for a bit longer if you'd like. Unlike BioWare, we won't nickel and dime you via in-camp NPC. However, you guys who have been playing games since way back when, before Halo invented video games, you guys remember a real expansion pack right? Ya? We'll be charging for those.

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I don't think it's possible for a shooting system to feel more clunky that GTA.  Not. Possible.

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@Mrnitropb: If I didn't post it to he forums I would miss out on the hilariously angry responses! 
Minerva's Den has me doubting all DLC until it arrives.
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This is a PC game (they even ported the bugs to 360!) so I'll be playing it on PC...eventually.  I hope.  Not until they not only confirm, but deliver, the DLC to PC. 
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