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It is what it is.  I certainly won't be purchasing Infinity Ward games any longer.  Aside from superior performance, PC games offer a more customizable experience and the ability to form cohesive server based communitites.  Infinity Ward killed this.  They claim it's to help those who can't navigate a server list (how did that individual even turn on their PC?) but it's to control the market.  They want to force DLC content as best they can, it's not possible when players controls the server rotation.
But like others have said, posing this question on a site full of console players accomplishes nothing (except providing some laughs for me).

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I have two half off codes (bringing the game to $20) for Demigod if anyone is interested.  The game has gotten better and better and at this point is right on par with HoN and LoL in terms of DOTA clones.  New heroes are on the horizon so the community should pick back up soon.
PM me if interested.

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Sure, but if you're thinking of picking up the game how could you not want Desslock's opinion?  Dude is a PC RPG legend.

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If Desslock likes it I am sold.  Giant wall of text?  Maybe Dragon Age isn't for you if reading a page of information is too challenging.  
Preordered from Impulse last night, cannot freaking wait.  Hope I get through Borderlands before it drops.

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I have some beta keys to League of Legends (if you have been in the beta for a bit, you do too).  PM me for a code, but only if you plan on playing it please. 

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I'm not greedy, I'll only post once.

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I was immediately turned off by HoN because of the pretty terrible things I heard about the community from Gamers with Jobs and Idle Thumbs.  I've only got time to play at best one match a day so I can't get into the minutae, and HoN seems like it rewards players for sinking in a ton of time, while it absolutely hammers "n00bs."  That was sort of my experience with Demigod as well.  There were specific builds and you better know them or you are boned.
As far as characters I feel like there is a lot of diversity in LoL.  Some of it is in the characters themselves, there is some humor involved in the back stories, animations and audio that I hear is lacking in HoN.  But like all these types of games, there is only so much variation on ranged/tank/magic you can do, with the usual build/item modifiers for dps and the standard variants.  Right now I'd definitely say there are some OP characters, but not to the point of being able to roll an entire team single.  
I'm not really comfortable making comparisons with HoN since I'm not in the beta and the only things I've heard are negative, but from conversations it seems that the two games are significantly different.  HoN is a hard-core DoTA clone for serious players only.  LoL is a more laid-back, pick-up and play variation with some charm and inklings of story.

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League of Legends has eased the restrictions of the NDA and are now encouraging discussing the game.  Videos and screens are still a no-no though.
Anyway, I've been playing the game for a couple weeks now and am having a blast.  I've played around with DoTA and Demigod and while I enjoy them, they are certainly not friendly for the occasional player.  If you want to be successful (and not screw over your team) you have got to be serious about most DoTA clones.  LoL doesn't have that steep learning curve.  A pretty decent matchmaking system, a nice "recommended buy" list for all heroes and tips on how to play your chosen hero all make the game a bit easier to pick up and play.  There is also less of a hit for getting killed (and subsequently a bit less of a bump for killing an opposing champion) which means if you run out and get killed 10 times your team isn't necessarily screwed.
The art is sort of take it or leave it.  Generic, simple and kiddy at this point, but I can get past it since the game is just a blast.  Teamwork is important but coordination is pretty simple.  
All in all I am having an absolute blast with this game and am looking forward to it launching.  We'll see if it can hold up when the microtransactions and other tweaks are introduced.  
Anyone else in the beta?  Thoughts?

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Pretty meh for an X.0 update.  Friends list is awful and the font belong on the Jitterbug.  I doubt many elderly glaucoma sufferers are avid PS3 users.