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that must be why no one is giving them away yet.

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ah, didn't realize it was just CE

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If anyone is looking to give out one of their 5 codes, I'd be stoked to accept one.  Been looking at getting into this game but I don't want to drop $50 without trying it.

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apparently it is back up.

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I think it's probably the furthest I've gotten in a GTA game since 3, but as always the lack of creativity and variation in the second half killed the game for me.  I stopped playing with maybe 8-12 missions to go I think, and I don't see myself going back.  It felt like work.

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awesome, looking forward to some bug fixes.  I've definitely spent the most time on it of any iphone game.

Where do you get your info, by the way?  I'm looking for a good iphone ap resource.

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do the Penny Arcade seminars get recorded and posted online at all?  Seems like there are some good ones this year.

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Has Aurora Feint been taken off the ap store?

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Aurora Feint is excellent.  Vey is a cool port of the Sega CD RPG.Tap Tap is shit.  Trism is an excellent and addictive puzzler.

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Played it, loved it til the twist, then just liked it.  After the final boss battle, I was down to roughly neutral on the game.  Sold it to gamestop for like $35...so that was nice!