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I'd love a Blue Dragon and LO sequel.  Basically they could skip the character building of the first disc in BD and dive right into it.  As far as LO, shit, just make another please!

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The Giant Bomb calendar is saying July 28.  Gamestop and elsewhere has it listed for a September release.  What's the story?

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I listened until a few weeks ago.  I gave Thor (sp?) the benefit of the doubt since he is from Wisconsin but he is completely and utterly worthless.  I haven't made it through a whole show since he has been the host.  I am glad I listened to them talk about GTA4 though, because that was some of the funniest shit I have ever heard.  "I woke up the next morning with a completely different view on the world and who I was."  Jesus.

In short, the exodus killed the show, and Thorson refuses to stop humping the corpse.

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carrots and fat free veggie dip are the best when PC gaming

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agree with Pikachu, this is a day one purchase for me, and pretty much the only reason I haven't sold my 360

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the buzz from the pre-E3 teaser non-sense was bad...after people played the game though it seemed to make a 180 and is mostly incredibly positive.  If you liked Baldur's Gate, seems like you'll love this, at least that's what the response seems to be.

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Was anyone else ridiculously into this game?  I was 12 when this game came out, and since advanced stuff like stat tracking and online play did not exist, my entire baseball team at the time picked this game up and kept scorebooks of every game played and compared stats and what not.  It was ridiculously fun.

This is still one of my all time favorite baseball games, and Griffey's swing was perfectly captured.