Playing all the video games - Part 000018

I am continuing with the rather futile task of playing all the video games.

So that last game wasn't much fun, however it turns out that Ateam Inc.'s other title is alright...

Game 000018: "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game

Released in 2009 on the Wii Shop, "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game is a charming, straightforward point and click adventure game aimed at kids. You take on the role of a young kid called Milo who is celebrating his birthday. In an insane plot device, the kid's father locks him in his bedroom as a special birthday "treat", and challenges him to escape. For some reason Milo is rather excited about being encapsulated, and the game centers around solving puzzles in order to figure out how to escape from the bedroom.

The game takes a leaf from the Professor Layton series, and has hint coins hidden throughout the room which can be exchanged for partial solutions to some of the games puzzles. With a couple of small exceptions where the game requires you to use the wii controller in unusual ways to interact with objects (without really explaining what you are meant to be doing), most of the puzzles are pretty trivial - especially given the abundance of hint coins.

I rushed through this game in about 40 minutes - and unlike the other game in the "Aha!" series, it did actually manage to avoid boring me out of my mind. Probably a reasonable game to introduce children to the point and click genre... but the Telltale Monkey Island games are also in the Wii Shop, and they're much better.


I've given up trying to work out how to attack my last update to the game page forum. Maybe this one will work?

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