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Street Fighter 2  has come a long way from me playing it on the Arcades at some shitty supermarket around 92. This is now the HD Remix with re drawn and added gamplay. Bottom line the game is good, the online is where it should be the animations are amazing. The characters look good and feel just rightas they should. Now download it now !...

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Me and Brothers In Arms go back to the early Xbox 1 days of its excistance. I love the tactical aspects of this kind of shooter. The story is awsome even if you never played the previous games. The graphics in the game are top notch as well as the voice acting and animations. The game can be fast pace at times but you cant go run and gun, you must think about every move you do to reach a certain spot. Cover is key to this game and to out flank your enemy you must use your platoon wisely. The mut...

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Too Much Human 0

Too Human is Finally out after all these years, but was it worth the wait? I can tell You Yes, I really enjoyed this game for its deep combat and weapons being so customizable. The story was not to great for my standards and the camera can be trying to kill you than be helping you at times. The graphics are great with no slowdowns even with alot of enemies on screen. the mutiplayer is fun but not needed, and the enemy needed more variety  instead of  six types you fight the bosses are good but n...

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Chainsaw Goodness 0

Gears of war 2 takes what the first game did,but cranks it to 11. The story is so much improved, over all the combat is still just as imersive and addicting as gears 1. the A.I in gears 2 still needs much work on its ability to be retarded at times. The multiplayer is better as well, with a rank system,and the ability to crawl to saftey now....

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