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Quick update to my original banners to add luchadeer. Honestly I prefer how they look without luchadeer but they are way less giant-bomby so this is my final submission I suppose. It's a shame I didn't have more time to do another set but oh well.

There's some really phenomenal stuff this year. Well done to everyone that's entered.

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Just been playing around with adding luchadeer and static/video effects. Not 100% sure I actually like either. I'll come back to this in the next few days when I get bored of studying.

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Still a work in progress but this is what I've got so far. I will probably update these a bit but I actually have exams next week that I should be studying for so I probably shouldn't spend too much time on this stuff.

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Thanks everyone who responded. I've just ordered a 980 as planned. I looked at SLI but I really just want it to be as straight forward and simple as possible. As for the SSD, I really don't have a problem managing space on it, I just move games back and forth as I'm playing them and it works out alright.

Again, thanks everyone for the advice.

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Hi guys, basically I'm looking at upgrading my PC but I really don't know a lot about this stuff so I figured I should get a bit of advise before I go spending my money. My PC is still pretty decent but I've got a bit of money saved up that I can spend and I wanna beef it up a bit before The Witcher 3 comes out.

Here's what my specs are now:

  • ASUS PBZ77-m motherboard
  • i5-3570K 3.40Ghz cpu
  • 8GB ram
  • 2TB HDD for my storage and a 120GB SSD with my windows and game installs
  • 520W power supply
  • GTX 670 graphics card

What I'm thinking of doing is just replacing the graphics card with a 980 (this one to be specific). As far as I can tell that card should be compatible with my motherboard and power supply, but again I don't know much.

I just wanna know if that card will work with my system and also if it's the best use of my money. Would I be better off getting a new cpu and a less powerful gpu? I have about $750 Australian (roughly $600 USD) to spend.


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@mb: Valve takes a cut of every transaction on the marketplace and obviously the transaction stay in users steam wallets so that money is basically Valves. Having the gems be marketable was definitely not an oversight because as with all the gimmicks they do with their sales they make money off it.

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It doesn't look very westerny because I kinda hope the game doesn't feel very westerny. Obviously I'd want it to be set in the Old West but I feel like they pretty much already made the perfect Western game with Redemption so I'm hoping for something that is more stylised.

I don't really want a rehash of the tone and of similar themes because as I said Redemption already nailed that so well. Look at GTA IV and V. They both tell the stories of criminals in modern day cities but they couldn't be more different in terms of the overall style and tone.

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Red Dead Redemption is easily one of my favourite games ever.

I got to thinking about the inevitable sequel this afternoon. In my head I'm thinking we'll have a female protaganist out for revenge for some crime against her years ago and we play as she tracks down the man who did it. Then like halfway through the game she finds him and kill him and then promptly learns that, actually, whatever the past crime was wasn't this guys fault and then she's all 'oh shit, I killed a bunch of people for nothing'.

Then she's like an outlaw for the rest of the game until at the end, keeping alive the Red Dead tradition of killing of the main character, someone kills her for killing that other guy. Cue late title card: Red Dead Revenge.

Anyway... I made a logo cause I was bored.

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I gotta say that this year's Keighley Awards were a big step up from the VGA or VGX or whatever else from previous years. The past shows have been a real fun time to shit on how terrible they were but this year actually deserves some praise I think.

I thought the the show ran like an hour longer than it needed to and unfortunately there weren't a tonne of announcements to get excited about but the format and presentation was pretty good overall. It was nice to actually get developers on stage this year, and the few celebrities they did have (Keifer Sutherland and Imagine Dragons guy) seemed to have genuine anecdotes about games and didn't give off the general impression that they were embarrassed to be there which was a pleasant change.

As for the commercial bits I was frankly really impressed. The show clearly has to make money somehow and as far as advertising goes I really found it pretty inoffensive to have some ads for games and Keighley occasionally shilling a Steam sale.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with how the show turned out. It seems like it finally got a lot closer to the event that Keighley has been trying to put on for the past few years. My main criticism would definitely be the length; about 90 minutes seems like about the right length for this kind of show. Hopefully next year they can trim a bit of the fat and put on a shorter more focused show but this year was definitely a big step in the right direction.