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No chance. If Vinny was on it I'd be forced to watch/listen to it which I don't wanna do.

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I got a 16. I'm gonna go ahead and blame my monitor and not my PERFECT eyes.

A lot of the colours on the green-purple one looked pretty much identical to me.

EDIT: Good news everyone, I took the same test again on my iPad cause I figured the screen might be better and got zero errors. My eyes are perfect after all.

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Just picked up Papers, Please and Far Cry Blood Dragon. I'm also team purple so the sale's going well so far. Still lots of games I hope get daily or flash sales.

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The last couple of sale have been a bit of a wash for me. I just haven't really had any games I wanted to buy after having already bought everything in years past, but it's getting back to the point where there's lot of stuff I want to buy. I have 19 games on my wish list at the moment and I know there's several more I'd like to pick up too.

So keen.

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That looks so rad. God damn e3 has left me teetering on the edge of buying a PS4. I wanna play Bloodborne and Destiny and Uncharted and No Mans Sky when they come out. The last one will probably come to PC eventually but the rest.... just urrrrrrrgh.

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I can't believe Sony is beating Ubisoft. Sony did have better games for sure but I wasn't bored for like half an hour during Ubisoft like I was during the whole TV/movies/vita tv/playstation plus/other garbage part of Sony.

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1. The Witcher 3

2. Inside

3. Bloodborne

I'm also pretty excited about Uncharted. It's pretty disappointing that Naughty Dog is going back to the well instead of doing something new but fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk that's a nice looking supposedly-not-cgi teaser trailer. And they say they're targetting 1080p at 60fps? Trust Naughty Dog to be the first ones out there where my mind is actually kinda blown by how good it looks. I really, really wanna see some actual gameplay.

Fucking wish they'd showed something about new Mass Effect too. Dragon Age, The Division and Batman looking good too.

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The was really cool. GG, Microsoft.

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@aurahack: Holy shit dude. Those are so awesome. Really makes me want to try something more ambitious but I have to work tomorrow and I'm not gonna have time. Ah well, there's always next year!

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@th3irdeye: I don't know what software you're using but if you're using photoshop for the Ubisoft logo instead of just using the bucket tool if you make a new layer directly above the layer the logo is on then right-click > 'create clipping mask' and then fill the new layer with black you'll avoid the little white jaggies on the edges. Does that even make sense? Other than that I'm liking your banners a lot. The phrases you've chosen are pretty great haha.

@accolade: That kinda answers you're question too. I just found .png images with transparency of the logos online and used a clipping mask if they weren't already white.