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@joshwent: The ACCC doesn't dictate the policies of any company, all they do is protect consumers. It's not about forcing Valve to give everyone, say, a 7 day returns window or anything like that. Basically the rules about refunds and returns in Australia just ensure that if a consumer buys something that is broken, or isn't as advertised or is terrible quality, they have the right to a refund. Valve obviously does give refunds in those cases but their stated policy is still 'no refunds', which is clearly what the ACCC takes issue with. They just want them to officially acknowledge the rights of Australian consumers and say 'if we sell you broken shit, that's on us, and we'll give you a refund'.

Frankly, I'm kinda shocked that other countries don't have similar laws and regulations. If I was in the USA and bought a new game and brought it home and opened up the case and it was empty the store could legally just say 'fuck off' and not give me a refund because they get to make their own policies? That's pretty poor form.

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Doctor Tracksuit is really going off the deep end.

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Sony really needs to get around to updating media support onto the PS4. Hopefully all the positive buzz around this Xbox update will force them to pick up their game and get to it a bit faster. Pretty crazy that it's coming up on a year since launch and they still haven't implemented it.

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I would be a lot more interested if it wasn't just in Seattle again and it wasn't neon power. Fetch was a cool character so it's a shame the game doesn't seem more exciting.

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This just a couple weeks after Ubisoft said they were gonna be more committed to their PC ports in the future. Good stuff.

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I'm probably gonna end up going with the most generic thing possible, and what is currently winning in the poll; Human, Warrior, British Dude.

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I'm up to the third chapter playing on Normal difficulty. Unlike the general consensus in this thread I'm actually really enjoying it. Some of the more random elements can be frustrating but, so far at least, I've found there's usually a way around it. There definitely is a lot of trial and error and playing the same scenario multiple times to figure out how the mechanics work. I can see how some people mightn't be into that but I quite enjoy it. Great atmosphere and art style too.

@development: The Russian roulette in chapter two really sucks. I found that to be the only torture scenario that is actually difficult because of the randomness. Just make sure you get information the night before so you can lie to him safely at least once, risk provoking him on the first and second roulettes where you have pretty good odds and then confess the rest on that day. The rest of the days are all pretty easily managed without confessing or even lying.

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No chance. If Vinny was on it I'd be forced to watch/listen to it which I don't wanna do.

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I got a 16. I'm gonna go ahead and blame my monitor and not my PERFECT eyes.

A lot of the colours on the green-purple one looked pretty much identical to me.

EDIT: Good news everyone, I took the same test again on my iPad cause I figured the screen might be better and got zero errors. My eyes are perfect after all.