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No PayPal membership sale? oh, come on!

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The dream is dead.

Hoping for a Vinny/Alex Persona 5 Endurance Run.

While I do share your sentiment, I believe Jeff pretty much set the record straight on how GB is not "in the business of spoiling Atlus games" after the P4ER.

@ this article: good luck, Vinny, and please remember that you are the best!

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@persona3rocks said:

Just wondering, will akihiko x chie be an official thing in the next game?

You mean, will it be "known shippable"? BOOM!

Pardon me, I just couldn't resist.

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Nintendo continuing to leave me in awe with their awkward decisions.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't DS titles "backwards compatible" with the 3DS?

Also, I hate to be that guy - @patrickklepek, sorry if I'm mistaken, but you meant to write "...Ghostlight announced the game, and, admirably, doesn’t want to give up on its fans", correct? The sentence comes off as confusing otherwise.

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