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Fat Princess

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@cikame said:

" I'm confused, this is less of a new art style and more of "just dial back the technology clock a couple years" "

Now that you mention it, that is kind of the vibe that second image is giving me. Maybe this game will have more scalability on PC. As long as it still looks good at the high end then I'm all for making this game work on as many PC's as possible. The more people who experience Dragon Age on a PC the better IMHO.
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The art direction looks fine to me, but these images look kind of blocky and janky to me (especially the second one).

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Finally! Got my S-Rank and Quest. Thanks GB team.

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@gike987: I'm just hoping that Bioware comes out and say that this was all just a big misunderstanding. Maybe an old April fool's joke that got out a few months late....
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Did the original not sell well enough? The big deal for this franchise was that they intentionally WEREN'T dumbing it down and were going back to the old school glory days of PC RPGs. And so for the sequel they strip out most of the unique aspects of the game and dumb down its combat!?

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Loved Dragon Age on the PC. Loved Mass Effect too. But we already HAVE Mass Effect II, so why do we need to make Dragon Age II more like Mass Effect?

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Borderlands is on my list too (though now that I hear about the gamespy silliness I my just go the console route on that one). If the price of Bioshock 2 bottoms out I may pick that up. I'm also watch to see if I can grab a copy of Titan quest for my wife without having to shell out the $50 on the THQ pack (though I admit to eying that too).  And, of course, I plan on perusing the dailies every day too.

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These "daily" sales seem to change a lot. Earlier this morning Gothic was $1.99. After I did my research into the bug issue the price had jumped to five (probably why the time is listed differently). They seem to mess around with those dailies a fair bit because I've seen them do similar things a few time now over the past few days. They must be adapting to sales numbers in real time or something... that or they keep miss-marking things. they had civ IV warlords valued at over $350 this morning, lol.
Edit: here is the steam forum post that mentions the community patch (version 1.6) being included with the game. just look down at the first JoWood publisher post.

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Yep. 11 more hours.