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Before the demo I was getting the feeling the game was a long QTE but the just showed its indeed a real game. One life is all you get before you die and have to start over. Game mite be cool.

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It's not only the co-op but just the game played they showed looked like Gears of Evil 5.

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I dunno about you guys but i'm a little bummed. Thats gonna zap all the tension out the game. I'll still buy it and play it but the horror game is now dead.

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Ohh boy, this was bad. Looks like more gimmick stuff. Both Rayman and Mario did the same trick about the touch screen user helping the other users beat the level. Also looks like a lot of games will be using a wii mote. That means more waggle. Then they show year old games with some new touchscreen stuff and people clap.

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I mean Its not peak hours but not a single game for an hr. Anyone wanna play add me SPK8000LG is my XBL handle. Im at the hospital level and would like to continue from there.

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All you people saying I bought the one and only are straight up autistic, I was being sarcastic.

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So far all the enemies have been human soilders except one. Granted i'm only a chapter in.

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Did no one else pick this up? The guy at EB said I was the only one to buy a copy :'( this is what keeps this type of games from being translated guys.

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All I have played is single player, shooting feels good but not as good as Gears of War. I really like how the cover system works. You just walk up to cover and you duck behind it. The story is kinda derp in the way they are trying to act like this stuff really went on during the events of RE2. The AI is decent at most times and in the way the rest of the time. Really fun for what it is.

Waiting for people to co op with till I really sink my teeth in. I can play starting monday night.

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Plays good, got the city sign with it. A little generic and a little too Clive Barker for the characters designs. I don't know when Umbrella went to fetish nazi uniforms but meh whatever. I only played the first chapter, wanna play the game with bros in co op. Anyone wanna play?