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I'm 26 pushing 27 and still living at home. Finished school and got a very good paying job. Just saving up to jump right into a house.

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I camped out and got that $200 42 inch TV for my inlaws. While I was at bestbuy I picked up a PS3 bundle for my wife and Move bundle for my self. Also got one of them $40 blu ray players for my wifes family. Just hoping for some quality cyber Monday video game deals.

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Where the blue heck can I monitor temps and stuff like that? What I see dont match where google says it is.

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Waiting for the UPS man now, please add me SPK8000LG. This reminds me I got to up my gold account again.

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@bybeach: Thanks, That's perfect. Just what I needed

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Seems like games sneak up on me anymore. Whats a good way to track upcoming releases?

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I missed most of the coverage being i just worked 5 12 hour shifts in a row. Is there a good article some place that covers everything that went down?

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Thanks to all the reply also point out anyone want to add me on steam  my name is Fahrenheit on there

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Xbox360, prefer the xbox pad over the PS3 pad.

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Never hurts to start early, seems like this game could be out any time now from the comments in the quick look. BTW nice Kendo in your avatar there