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ahh Metal Gear Solid Rising was not cancelled. lol there was just a trailer released for it at the vga 2011 event, go to gamespot. Its actually increased as far as in platform was xbox only now its all 3 ps3 (where it should always be) and PC

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Wow I completely forgot about Dues Ex as well and there lies the problem. I am definitely be getting back to dues hard to find the time as im sure all can agree this 4th quarter has been the greatest in video game history. Never before so many A+ titles coming out back to back. Back getting back to the problem mentioned, from the little bit i've played dues ex i am definitely liking but compared to when skyrim came out and i have barely touched anything else is why GOTY. And yes obviously that is my opinion but it seems many more share this opinion in the end isnt that what decides is game of the year? Who the majority vote for?

lol in the end of course dont matter, to me if everyone goes crazy and votes something like i dont know say mortal kombat goty its not gonna change the fact that im still gonna play skyrim. A video game is not that much different then lets say a sports team, people love rooting for their team and thats pretty much whats going on.

And yes lol skyrims gonna be taking home the MVP and CUP/TITLE WHATEVER!!!

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Lol I cant believe they actually even discussing this, of course Skyrims gonna win. The only game that even has a chance of taking the title would be Dark Souls. I love gears of war 3 battlefield 3 uncharted 3 assassin's creed revalations but there not GOTY contenders. Im not sure what that other guy was talking about in terms of visuals but Skyrims one of the best looking games that came out this year. Lol I think he compared the visuals of uncharted 3 to skyrim would is funny cause a single map/level in

uncharted 3 is like the size of a small city or courtyard in skyrim, the two cant be compared would not be fair to uncharted and by the way fucking love that game. Yes there are issues with the console version of the game never experience them first hand but i cant imagine everyones lying, exaggerating a little maybe. But in the end you gotta be a smart gamer and look at different reviews when a game comes out on multiple platforms, to make an inform decisions as too which one will be the suited. True not everyones gonna have all 3 systems, if thats the case, where your only option is the ps3 be patient they will fix it eventually.

Ya so thats pretty much it, i dont think mmo's count as game of the year right? Cause if they do I might have to weight Star Wars TOR in there, but in the end as much as i love TOR been in two betas been waiting forever for this game lol, i'd still choose Skyrim as GOTY. In two words, its the TOTAL PACKAGE.

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Assassins creed seriously is one of the best on going franchise in the game industry. But I gotta say I'm dying for them to desmond finally in the fight against abstergo (templars). I cant remember do they actually tell you what year Desmond lives in? Cause it looks pretty futuristic not to mention a device like the animus. I would love to see when they finally do have desmond as the main player how will they incorperate his fighting arsenal. I mean ezio already has a handcannon, but a machine gun or assault rifle is in a class of its own. I mean they obviously still have to keep it as a stealth game and I do want that, but there are times when your compromised or lol maybe just for the hell of it you jump in guns blazing so to speak. I havent beat revalations yet, hope no one posts any spoilers but anyone else feel like its time to let desmond start taking over. Please dont get me wrong I think Altair and Ezio are two of the coolest protagonists around, but the game needs change of time era and location.

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It is good game, thank you for reminding me. So many games came out this quarter year been finding it hard to find time to bounce around them. Just realized I havent even beat it, think ill turn it on after this post. Your right its not gonna win game of the year but not sure why anyone would have anything it against it. I bought it for pc and initially was some serious texture pop up issue but they quickly fixed it with a batch then i finally got to play the game undistracted and i liked it. Reminds me of borderland as in regards to theres a main quest line but you can still sandbox around doing side quests and such. And of course how you move around in an armed dune buggie, but thats pretty much where the similarities end. This game I have to say is one the sweetest looking games in terms of graphics since battlefield 3. Just something about the color palette they chose. And yes its got some pretty interesting weapons and enough of them that keeps each battle interesting. AI is pretty solid in the game too, there not mindless drones intentionally coming out of cover to allow you to get a headshot on them. I think they just released the game at the wrong time, oct 4 was after gears 3 before battlfield 3 and although all there games are different, they still carry the same prize range 60-70 CAD lol not sure what its in USD. And in the end for most gamers its down to what they can afford, sometimes sacrifices must be made

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Theres the problem, smithing lets you refine armor and weapons. So a legendary steel sword yes could be higher lvl then an ebony weapon with no refinement done to it. But a legendary ebony sword will be almost 3 times as strong as a lgendary steel sword. It only makes sense cause the orders iron, steel, dwarven, steel plate, orcish, ebony, dragonplate, daedric. Point of note on the skill tree dragonplate comes last but it is inferior to the daedric, not sure if that was mistake on bethesda's part. Pretty much the only thing I found disappointing with smithing was that. Dragging back all them heavy dragonbone and dragon shards or whatever back home only to find out daedric armor beats it out.

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Its not WOW or an mmo, its not about the loot. Loots just there for the sake of it so you get something from a corpse or the occassional chest. Speaking of which chests are really there for increasing your locking picking skill, whats inside is just a little

reward. Like previous people already mentioned, if your class is armor based go smithing, there is no finer kick ass looking set then the daedric armor and weapons. Enchant the armor and weapon to fit your style of play and bam you got your "crazy awesome and unique looking item".

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I have ACR on pc right now and I would say there are enough people playing on it to make it worth while. As usual the PC always has the best visuals and frame rate, provided you have the right rig. I'm familiar with the dmr bungle issue Ubisofts been having

with there pc games, but I've not experience anything with ACR yet, infact completely forgot about it until it was mentioned on this post. Personally loving the multiplayer, its a refreshing change of past from the usual first person shooter or third person shooter. Nothing like sneaking up on your target quietely while at the same time avoiding the 2 or 3 assasins trying to do the same to you! lol

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@McGhee: Definitely gotta second ya on that one. Jedi Academy for being the best game to actually allow you fight, with remarkably good controls, as a Jedi (action wise). And KOTOR for creating a star wars story that is far better then any of the star wars movies.

Hell in summary I choose the Revan option lol.

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Jedi Guardian most likely. I always go tank class for every mmo. But for healer I was definitely looking into jedi sage, though beta ended before I got a chance to start one up. The class looks like it still has good dps, though I'm only going by the videos I saw.

I agree with you on the tiny icon sizes for the buffs, pretty hard to see. Im sure plenty of modders will come out with different ui soon enough.

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