Clueless Gamer?

My neighbor owns a PS3 (I'm a PC gamer) and we got to talking about the differences in gaming on the two platforms, and I brought up that the reason I'm a PC gamer is because of the exclusives I enjoy on the system such as Company of Heroes, STALKER, the Total War series, etc.
"I've played those on PS3 but I traded them in" he said. Okay, obviously he's confused, no use making an issue of it. Then we started talking about Oblivion (he has, he's played, I've seen him) and he comes out with this: "You can get Oblivion mods on the PS3, too. One of them adds bosses so strong you HAVE to play online, because you need like 3 level 40 characters to beat them." 
Then the kicker: "Diablo 3 was on the shelves for a few days but they recalled it due to a virus, but I got most of the way through the game (on the PS3)."
I don't know if he's just confused or just talking out of his ass just to be doing so. This is the same guy who told me Democrats want to cut Social Security and Republicans want to bolster it, however. 
Or perhaps he's just a pathological liar.
Seriously, what's more annoying than finding someone who enjoys your hobby just as much as you do, just to have senseless babble flowing from their mouths all the time? It's depressing, and pushing the issue would probably lead to places I don't want to go. This is full-grown, married man and you'd think he'd be smart enough to know a bit more about his hobby, but as it stands I'm writing him off as a forum troll, only without the forum and in-person.
So I guess the point is, I got trolled IRL, and I fell for it. Fuck.