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But I loved the gameplay there. You're constantly on the move, you're firing while hanging all over the environment, the encounters are varied, and it was one of the most gameplay-focused sections of the entire series.

I can totally see why some people would love that section for just the reason you said - "one of the most gameplay-focused sections." However, I think that also shows the difference between those people and me. :)

I am just a person that mostly plays games for story and to experience the different worlds, locations, and characters. While I don't like games to be so easy I'm bored, I'll admit that the perfect difficulty for me is a game where I can complete everything the first time with only a small amount of difficulty. I do enjoy intuitive puzzles, because they make me think, but when it comes to difficult gameplay, whether it's platforming or shooting, I can get frustrated pretty easy. I just don't like those things slowing me down for the real reason I'm playing the game.

The one that sticks out in my mind is an area where Drake specifically mentions doing everything all quiet, but there's dudes positioned around the room so you have to get into a gunfight no matter what.

I do like stealth games quite a lot, and I will play any game stealthy, if it gives me the option. One thing that has frustrated me in every Uncharted game is exactly what you pointed out... The game will act like a section can be completed in a stealthy manner, but it actually makes it impossible...or so close to impossible and so easy to not play stealth that I just feel there is bad design.

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@slag: I 100% agree. I'd always rather see a creator end a series on his/her own terms than let it just get stale or just plain bad.

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@theht: In my opinion, the Monkey Island games are very flawed but amusing adventure games. Unless you played them when they came out (which I didn't, as I was into other adventure games, at that time), they are hard to go back to. My wife and I are playing them together, which makes them more fun, and we aren't afraid to use hints or walkthroughs, if we need them. It's hard for me to say I'd recommend playing through the series, at this point, but I lot of people love them, and I just felt I needed to have them under my belt.

I think Walking Dead: Season Two is worth playing, but I don't like it as much as the first season. There are some parts I like better, but I personally think the characters are weaker, and I think it is getting to an extreme with the amount of people that die or get serious injured constantly. In my opinion, there is "gritty," and then there is just excessive to almost a comical extent. Can the worst things really happen 90% of the time? :P

There are two reasons I want to finish Murdered before I talk about it. The first is because it is short, and I expect to finish this week, anyway. The second is that it really is very mediocre. I am 2-3 hours in, and I have no strong opinion of it, yet, because it is really so middle-of-the-road. The good part of that is that I feel fine with playing it or spending money on it. The bad part of that is that I don't think I'll remember much about it after completing it and moving on. I hope the last half of the game turns that around. It very well could.

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@slag: Dude, no need to apologize. I know what it's like to be busy. I don't get enough time to read all I want. Part of me doing this blog is to finally try and get more involved in the community, but I have stretches of days where I don't get a chance to get on the site.

P.S. One reason I'm afraid to play the Souls games, is because I'm afraid I won't have the patience to keep retrying an area. I want to give it a go, though. :)

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@sunbrozak: Thanks for the comment! I do plan on playing the single-player campaign, but I'd like to play the first Bad Company, first. I just haven't gotten around to it, yet. :)

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@slag: Honestly, I think a lot of it is just that I grew up on PC games, especially CRPG's. So, games like Zelda are fun, but there are parts that really bother me. For example, not having save states in the dungeons. ...I'd even prefer more skills that could level up so overworld enemies weren't such a pain constantly through the entire game. I get tired of dealing with them by the time I am on my way to the third dungeon.

I just find so much of the games tedious after a while. For example, I did not enjoy running the same dungeon over and over again just because there were no fairies (that I found) in the Swamp Palace, and I kept dying at the final dungeon boss and had to go back to the very beginning of the dungeon. I feel like there is so much trial and error as well as some luck.

And I'll be honest, I may just not be great at these games. I definitely don't have a ton of patience with many of the boss fights, and I get frustrated if I can't beat them on the second try.

It took me about two years to complete Wind Waker. I put it down for months at a time, as I just got tired of traveling to the dungeons and going through what I considered a lot of tedium in the dungeons.

Short answer: Zelda games are probably just not a perfect match for my gaming preferences. :D :D :D

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This is beautiful and so wonderful. Great way to start a day. Thank you.

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I'm still making my way through Watch Dogs... I usually try to make it through at least one short game (or piece of DLC or episode of Telltale game) every weekend - as that really gives me a sense of accomplishment. :D However, this weekend has been too busy to even start on anything, else so far. I really need to make more headway in Link to the Past and Escape from Monkey Island to keep clearing out my backlog. :)

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@thebunnyhunter: @theht: I read some positive hands-on articles about Rainbow Six: Siege, so I'm a little more optimistic about it, now. Therefore, I added it to the list. I'm still skeptical until I see more in-game footage, because I really think it has potential and don't want to be disappointed like with other games that have been released in the recent past...

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@beachthunder: Yeah, I debated leaving Rise of the Tomb Raider on the list, but since it was a new announcement, and I really am excited for it, I decided to leave it...even though everyone knew it was coming eventually.

I did see that brief show of the Croteam puzzle game. However, it didn't really stick with me. Maybe I'm just too excited about The Witness and The Talos Principle really just reminded me of that existing excitement for Jonathan Blow's next game. :)