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@hatking: Thanks so much. If I had enjoyed the combat more in The Last of Us, I would have picked that one. I just got too frustrated sometimes with it, and even though I think the story is worth playing the game for, I was bummed at the times I didn't even want to keep playing the game due to some of the areas. As ridiculous as combat can be in Tomb Raider, I felt empowered and felt like I had a lot of options. Having less combat areas and maybe even less enemies in those areas would have made me like Last of Us more. However, I should note that I mainly play games for the stories and the worlds...not combat or "challenge" like some other players do.

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@archer88: For me, I didn't like the combat, because I felt that it was repetitious. I felt I was just doing the same thing over and over. I rarely used the skyhook, so that is something that could have made it better. I just felt that the skyhook added chaos to the equation instead of giving me more strategic choices to help control the combat "arena." Many of the spaces were so open, I didn't feel I could set up any good defensive positions with turrets or shooting from cover...or...my preference would have been to do more sniping and maybe even some "stealth" kills. Especially in encounters like the one with the ghost, I just got so annoyed at having to kill a dozen enemies just to get to the next story point. I would have much rather had situations where I was only fighting a few, more lethal opponents. However, I should also note that my 2012 Game of the Year was Dishonored, which shows my preferred type of FPS gameplay. :)

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Just an update... I installed the Hori (second one I purchased). It was still a hassle, because I still had to deal with dust specks, but I was able to get them off and the screen protector is now basically invisible.

The big game-changer for me on this second attempt to install the screen protector was using scotch tape to lift up the screen protector after seeing dust specs underneath it and then using the tape to remove the dust. It took me a few minutes, but I was able to get all the dust out from under the screen and get it perfect.

With the first Hori, I saw dust specks, tried lifting the screen protector with my fingers, and I bent the corner, And I wasn't sure how to remove the specks without getting finger prints on it. So, the tape was invaluable.

I also installed it in my bathroom after running a hot shower. I'm not sure how much that helped, since I still had to deal with dust, but it didn't hurt. :)

Ultimately, I put screen protectors on devices for piece of mind, because I know that any scratch on a screen protector is temporary whereas a scratch on the actual screen requires a lot more work to fix.

So, for now, I'm set. If this screen gets a bunch of scratches really quick, I may just take it off and not replace it, but if it lasts a while, I will be happy and will be more likely to swap it out for another screen protector.

***Also, I got my Elago "Grip" Stylus, and I recommend it to everyone! It has a rubber tip that feels nice and will definitely be less likely to cause any scratches. Plus, it is comfortable to hold. The only downside is "storing" it, since it obviously doesn't fit in the stylus slot.

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Yeah, I have concerns about if/when I play games like Elite Beat Agents that require a lot of stylus movement. Even if a screen protector scratched more, that is replaceable. Replacing a screen is much more work...

However, most games won't require that much stylus movement, and the rubber-tip stylus is on the way...And it's just my wife and me using the 3DS.

So, while I do get nervous about possible scratches on a screen that isn't easily replaceable, it's nice to know most people don't have problems when they don't use a screen protector.

P.S. As an experiment, I posed the same question at CAG and the poll got the opposite results.

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I ordered another Hori and some eforcity screens (since eforcity are cheap and may be worth a shot). I'll give the Hori one more try (and another $9). I will try the humidity trick.

When I installed the Hori the first time, I just got several specks of dust underneath, even after using a microfiber cloth, and I couldn't figure out a way to salvage the screen protector (because the specks were stuck to it). So, that's why I had to just throw it away. With Best Skins Ever (wet-apply), I can just take them off, re-wet them and try again.

Anyway, I also ordered a rubber-tip stylus from Amazon. So, if the Hori doesn't work this time, I may just go protector-less.

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I'm fine with 8PM onwards and maybe even okay with 6PM (my family does Thanksgiving early, so I figure others probably do, too, and are finished well before 6.

However, one thing I want to mention is that I have noticed a lot of people throwing a fit about retail stores being open but don't think about people working to bring them the Macy's parade they watch, or the NFL they watch, or the restaurants or grocery stores they go to...or maybe even the people keeping Amazon and NewEgg up despite all the heavy traffic...

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New giveaway: http://www.steamgifts.com/giveaway/LsoLX/sid-meiers-civilization-v

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@jakob187 said:

...this trend of people opening up on Thanksgiving Day is fucking sickening.

I agree...

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I personally think step one to helping fix this issue is not allowing people to buy more than two 3-day passes. Right now, I'm pretty sure it is five, which is insane. So, scalpers get one, order 5 3-day passes...

Second, I heard that PAX East is going to be expanding soon with the expansion of the convention center that is planned...and maybe under construction...? Not sure if that's confirmed.

I was unable to get a 3-day pass, so I had to order two single-day passes, one for Friday and one for Saturday.