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Posted by falco_eagle

Frictional Games has done and excellent job this game is so freaking scary I never had a more terrifying experience in my life.  

Posted by Hamst3r

Skipping the demo. Already bought it. Those dude's know what they're doing.

Posted by Binman88

Yep, it seems awesome. I pre-purchased it this morning.

Posted by superpope

Yeah that demo quickly reminded me how much I loved pulling open drawers to hunt for loot while hiding from zombies and those goddamn dogs in Penumbra. This is a definate purchase for me too.

I've nailed it to my Steam wish list. It's yet to be bought though. I figure I might go for the purchase next week when it's released.

Posted by ToxicFruit

I just bought it, it is deffenety  a big step up from Penumbra !

Posted by Ethryx

I tried the demo and absolutely loved it. I will definitely be purchasing this :)

Posted by gike987

The demo was probably the scariest thing I have played. Definite purchase.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

downloading on steam now !

Posted by MeierTheRed

Sounds like i should go get that Demo down.

Posted by sodiumCyclops

Wow. Have not been legitimately scared by a game in a long time.

Posted by MeierTheRed
Man that was a pretty cool demo i must admit.
Posted by CocaineMountaineer

this game is gonna be fucking harrowing. can't wait.

Posted by Rautapalli

It's out!

Posted by Ubiquitous

HOORAY! Now that the wait is over. Begin the download wait..

Posted by McPaper

Playing through it now.
It's really really really scary. I've played through Penumbra Overture and Black Plague and this is just as scary as those.  I wan't to discuss parts of it but I really don't want to mention too much about the story and the locations you visit. So far the puzzles have been fairly simple.

Posted by billyblaze
@McPaper: If you still want to talk about the game, feel free to message me, I'm pretty close to the end by now.