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Best story in an Arkham game so far. YEAH I SAID IT!

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My issue with this whole thing? Patrick thinks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. HYDRA is the kind of show you only have to half pay attention to. I really like that show. :(

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The new IGN Xbox One footage is of a newer build of the game.

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@chaser324: Eh, seems like an okay thing to do to me. Especially when they're offering a special digital version.

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@marc: One of us. One of us... I caved and pre-ordered the Ghost edition as well when I saw that the PS4 version instantly "sold out" on Amazon.

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@corruptedevil said:

I think I'm gonna preorder the Ghost edition. Sorry wallet. Hopefully the Ghost is made of metal and not plastic.

Looks and sounds like plastic. And by sounds I mean you can hear it on someone's mic when being handled. I don't think that takes away from how cool it is though.

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PS3/PS4 beta: 7/17 - 7/20, 7/23 - 7/27

360/Xbone beta: 7/23 - 7/27

More info on the beta here.

Bungie also announced the various physical AND digital versions of the game.

The standard Limited Edition ($100) comes in a steel book case, and comes with some extra books and stuff. It also comes with some in game cosmetic stuff. The big thing, in my opinion, is the inclusion of their DLC pass. I wish more developers would do this, as it adds A TON of value to a limited edition.

The Ghost Edition (aka, the Legendary Edition, $150) comes with everything from the LE as well as a physical, life size Ghost with lights and sounds. IGN has an unboxing video if you wanna see it. Pretty neat.

I'm going to wait until after I play the beta to see if I care enough to spend the extra 50 bucks for a Ghost, but I'm glad for once it's not some monstrosity of a thing. (Looking at you, Halo 3 Legendary Edition collecting dust.)

And there's a digital special version that gets you the DLC and some in game stuff.

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Halo is about multiplayer first, Master Chief and Cortana second. This is a fact. (And this is coming from someone deeply invested in the story, read most of the books, etc.) Halo 2 had the best multiplayer in any Halo game to date. This is a fact.

Halo 2 is the best Halo game. All other answers are wrong.

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@iigrayfoxii: VERY different. In Reach sprinting was an armor ability, and it felt shorter than a CoD sort of sprint so it wasn't TOO game breaking. But in H4 they had a straight up always be sprinting thing going on, and special weapons were drops called in by players rather than placed on the maps, so those two things alone completely broke what Halo is supposed to play like. Don't get me started on how all the maps were garbage...

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@wrecks: *sigh* That person should have at least tried to shoop out the stuff on the side of the box.