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Batman. Halo. Uh... That's it? I don't even know what else is coming out next year. Quantum Break? That's a thing right. There'll probably be a new Forza.

Lately I only buy a couple of new games a year and the rest that I play are games that have come out in previous years that I get on the cheap. I'll probably play Sunset Overdrive and LEGO Batman 3 next year. Maybe this year's CoD as well just for Kevin Spacey.

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The great thing about QVC is when they offer items on Easy Pay. It's like... inverse layaway. You get something immediately and you make payments on it. Looks like all the Xbox One bundles are 5-6 payments, which is great.

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@falconer: A 2017 release for Halo 3 Anniversary would make sense, because it would give 343 an extra year to work on a supposed Halo 6 for 2018 release. Then again Halo 3 already looks pretty fantastic in the Master Chief Collection, so a complete remake might be a waste of time for them and us.

A more likely way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Halo 3 would be to release it on PC.

I don't see why they wouldn't give at least Halo 3 the full Anniversary treatment. Sure, it holds up a little better when compared to Halo CE and Halo 2, but you might as well round out the core trilogy, and arguably the best all around Halo game. Not to mention Blur already has character models and actors for everyone in H3, so there's a good chuck of the cinematic work already done.

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I'm more excited for Anniversary Relic than anything else. I LOVE that map.

I still think in 2017 they're going to do Halo 3 Anniversary and ODST Anniversary at the same time.

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@amikron: I got it. #CultOfGreenawalt

I don't speak for Laz, but how we've always handled it is if everyone playing on any given week has DLC we will play it. If not, no big deal. That being said, I have no idea how FH2 even handles multiplayer with an expansion.

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I got the limited edition at launch so I already have the DLC. I think I'm going to try and not play Destiny again for a while though. I want to be a statistic. I already paid for the damn thing, but I at least want to be in the group of people that doesn't play the game anymore. Sure, they already suckered the money out of me, but fucking hell that game is not worth the time it requires.

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The only MGS stuff I know is from Metal Gear Scanlon. Then end of that trailer was a MASSIVE BUT STILL OBVIOUS spoiler.

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I've been using HaloLobby.com to find custom games lately. Works well!

Yea that HaloLobby.com site is super janky, but I found a bunch of cool people on there (despite there being some spammers) and we played halo 2 customs all night and holy crap when this game actually works it's amazing.

What if this was their plan all along? People are getting the authentic H2 experience by playing custom games with strangers they met on forums and now they're best buds.

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This seems like an obvious pre-LEGO-can-talk LEGO game. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be better than that adventure game!

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Halo breaking Xbox Live. Ah, the good 'ol days.