Games I Played 2013

Since I typically play around only 10 new games a year I just put 'em all on this list. It almost seems weird to have two indie games above two massive new console launch titles, but they're just that great and/or the launch titles for the new consoles were that bad. Anyway, while the industry is getting turned on its head, I still had a heck of a time with games this year. Check it.

Honorable mention - The Last of Us. So I don't own a PS3. But so much was said about this game, both on the internet and from friends, that I had to see for myself what was up. I went on youtube and found a nicely made video with all the cutscenes and relevant gameplay bits inbetween. The story probably wasn't as impactful if I had been going through the game myself; holding the controller and interacting with the characters. But man... it was still something.

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Posted by slowbird

Good list with some interesting viewpoints.