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Yes, losing a lot of weight might grant you the opportunity to go from having 0 sex to 1 sex. If you're charismatic or RICH AS FUCK, you might just get the opportunity to have 2, 3 maybe even 4 sex.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
@Tennmuerti: @WinterSnowblind: I'm planning on reading the books, yep. And Witcher 1 didn't explain to me that Geralt died, (only in the slums of the city part), just that he had a bad case of amnesia after some battle.
Well, you do meet the grim reaper guy pretty early on in the church.
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@BisonHero said:

@falcos_abortive_rainbow: I have the game, but haven't started playing it yet at all. Do the sidequests offer anything of note?

From the sounds of it, they're pretty simple "get X amount of Y", and don't have a lot of story to them or anything like that. Do they ever yield meaningful rewards, like unique gear/gems/skills/whatever? Or are the sidequest rewards always just experience, money, and common items like health potions?

I've only gotten two or three unique gems, the rest is all generic. Anyway, I've heard that maxing out a town's affinity will give you access to some of the best armor/weapons, so that's the main reason to do any of it.

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"Boo, we won't to be able to play this game, experience this man's vision." "Wut, all three versions are the same!? WTF, that's not fair! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, DARK SOULS!"

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The sidequests were always just shitty MMO-style fetch and 'extermination' quests, but it wasn't a problem because they always went by super fast. You take three steps outside a town, kill the monsters you need and find the items, if you didn't already have them. Once you hit Frontier, though, the pain in my ass level increases dramatically. Suddenly, I need to get items that very rarely spawn, meaning I have to constantly teleport back and forth until it pops.(Fuck you, Empress Beetle) What made it even more tiring was that Frontier is full of quests, that actually require you to go back to the giver after completion, betraying the game's established take on questing. This wouldn't be a problem if Frontier and Makna Forest weren't designed by assholes, with generic Nopon, after generic Nopon crowding every spiraling floor. Plus, the game doesn't let you track sidequests, so you can't just run to the person, nor does it give you the time they pop up in town. Very frustrating to a person that has spent hours upon hours with these quests. Anyway, I thought Frontier was bad, but Alcamoth kinda ups the ante when it comes to confusing design and disappearing quest givers. I'm at the point where I just want to abandoned the dozen or so quests I have left at Alcamoth, I just can't take it anymore. Of course, if I decide to take a break and focus on the story, then those dozen quests will lost forever.

Basically, like Kingdoms of Amalur, you can drive yourself crazy and sick trying to do the hundreds of quests.(Plus, the boss fights become easy as shit because you level up so much)

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We've noted for some time that Verizon's FiOS expansion is over, with the exception of areas (mostly large cities) where they're still pursuing franchise build-out obligations. Given that this leaves not only millions of rural customers but major cities (Buffalo, Boston, Alexandria, Baltimore) only older DSL lines, the question has always remained whether expansion could be fired back up at a later date. With Verizon's new deal with the cable industry those questions have grown somewhat louder, with many wondering if the deal included under-the-table agreement by Verizon not to expand FiOS into any new cable territories.
Testifying before Congress this week to defend the deal, Verizon's General Counsel Randal Milch made it rather clear that Verizon had never had any intention to expand FiOS further. As the webcast (around minutes 35 and 66) notes, Milch made it pretty clear that there's no plan for FiOS expansion -- adding that "Wall Street punished us for investing in FIOS."
Verizon's strategy has been to upgrade key markets with FioS, sell a large chunk of unwanted markets, then fill in what's left with either mobile or fixed LTE services that cost less to deploy and support for numerous reasons. There might be a day where Verizon singles out some areas where it just doesn't make sense to leave customers without upgrades -- like Boston -- but it's pretty clearly not happening anytime soon.
Wireless is Verizon's quarterly returns love affair now, since it's a sector where the company can enjoy non-unionized labor while charging users $10 per gigabyte in overages. Keep in mind they're also planning an over the top video partnership with Red Box to be launched later this year that will be layered on top of their fixed LTE service as Verizon pushes for nationwide branding.

Great, I'm always gonna be stuck with Time Warner, since they're the only company offering reasonable internet speeds in my area.(Mar Vista, Los Angeles)

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The first movie has a very definitive ending, Connor is the last immortal, wins the 'prize', becomes a psychic mortal with the know-how to shape humanity's future. And yet, every single sequel/spin-off features more immortals dueling in an everlasting battle for the Prize. How does this work? Highlander 2 and 3 acknowledge some of the events of the first movie, while ignoring the most important element of the film..

The timeline as best as I can make it out...

Connor dies>reborn as an immortal>meets Ramirez for the first time ever>Kurgan Kills Ramirez>Connor meets Duncan>Connor meets Rachel in WWII>The Gathering occurs and last immortals arrive in NYC>They all die except for Connor and Kurgan> Connor wins the prize and becomes a psychic mortal>except he didn't because he meets up with the still alive Duncan and tells him to prepare for the Gathering? WTF>His wifey dies in car accident> a secret immortal awakens> Connor is immortal> Connor wins the Prize and becomes mortal>Duncan fights other immortals>Connor is immortal and fights some dudes and asks Duncan to behead him for a power boost>Connor is old and mortal in the future, where he has saved the world from global warming. Also, his wife died of cancer>More immortals suddenly appear>Immortals are either ancient beings, or aliens>Connor was best buds with Ramirez back before the first movie>Conner kills two immortals, becoming young and immortal again>Ramirez is suddenly alive again>Ramirez is suddenly dead again>Connor kills the remaining immortals>Wins the prize, or he goes to his home planet depending on the version you watch.

Yep, no way does the reboot end with Connor winning the prize.

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@Zenaxzd said:

@ArbitraryWater said:

Who's ready for a combination of dismissiveness and ignorance from Patrick and whatever staff member he dragged along to do the quick look with? You know I am.

Probably hit the nail on the head. But I will never know since I don't watch quick looks for games I actually care about. I don't even care if they hate on the game or anything, it's just too painful to watch them talk about things they clearly have no idea what they are talking about, it makes me physically cringe.

Gosh, you guys are so cynical/jaded/old, I don't even know why you come to the site if it's such a chore these days. You were so much fun when the site first started. Also, stop spoiling videos before they air!

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Normally, I'd say that means he's kaput, but 90% of his supporters are probably crazy ass, radical racists anyway. It's too bad this hasn't made national news yet, I'd love to hear Hannity or Limbaugh come up with some asinine defense.

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The pacing. The game is so breezy and easy to play through during a slow month, all the missions are super quick and the cutscenes don't go on longer than they need to. Verily, I've played through the game five times, more than any other RPG because it's just so...light and delightful. Yeah, the shooting is dogshit, but if you spec melee/stealth, then it becomes a kinda janky, but oh so pleasurable experience. It's the RPG equivalent of a nice MIMOSA on a hot summer morning. Super honestly, most other RPG are full of tedious, often grindy dead zones where you just fucking hate the shit of the game, but not AP. No, Alpha Protocol just pleasurably strolls on by, wearing summer colors, not taking itself too seriously, while everybody else is grunting and sweating in July heat. Japanese and Western developers alike can learn a thing or two from this sort of approach to role playing games.

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