Wii Sellage

Selling my Wii on Craigslist

Well boys and girls, I finally sold my Wii. The guy who purchased it was reluctant to speak on the phone and we talked about specs via text message (Not the best way to explain somewhat important information). I had the wii for about 6 months and bought it pretty much just for SSBB. While I loved SSBB, there wasn't really anything to grab my attention on the WIi. I heard good reviews about Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess, so I decided to pick up them up from a friend and play those for a quick run-through. I liked Galaxy and the crazy things done there with the planets and such, and I absolutely was engaged with the Twilight Princess story. However, like many of you feel, Nintendo hasn't released nor plan to release soon any more games for the "Hard-Core" gamer (Wii Resort and Animal Crossing!?, I'll pass). I'm a big fan of what Nintendo brings to their platforms but It seems that what a "Hard-Core" Nintendo gamer looks for is all of their big names--Zelda, Mario, Samus, etc. The Big N needs to get back to their roots and introduce some more characters that the fan-base will accept and love. Easier said than done, but with a little dedication and inventive personnel, once again can the Nintendo capture my attention.

I sold my Wii bundle for $280. That included the Wii console, 2 wii-motes, 1 nunchuck, 1 GC controller, SSBB, Wii play, Wii sports, Star Fox Adventures (GC), and an ethernet attachment. Dude made me sign a paper that basically stated "If this Wii is a piece of shit, I get my money back." Smart, but necessary? I understand you could get screwed over  but I think it's a bit overkill.

My first blog is done! YOU!!!