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Idiots will pay money for a 17 year old game everytime they release it on something with a screen. They know people will buy it, which is sad but true. It's still a great game, however.

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Clannad is awesome, good for them man!

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It's not that there's too much Dan, it's just that there's hardly any of the other people. Jeff is rarely in QL's these days, Drew is only usually in MGS and a scant few, and Brad is just a filler for someone to go with Dan.

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@dreffen: TB qualifies as more of a professional than Jeff for the most part, doesn't mean you have to like him for it. Obviously Pewdiepie is the embodiment of the apocalypse.

In what world does he? This one?

No one should take Total Biscuit seriously. Or, really, any youtuber.

They do the EXACT same thing as GB does. They put out MST3K style videogame commentary. I know it's cool to hate on popular people, but get off your high horse. You're delusional if you think the GB guys are "better" than these guys just because they have a website. I like GB a lot, but your statements are asinine

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Can I just take a moment to say how awesome it is to see THE BIG GUY making a big return? He's SO GOOD

Plus, JBL continues to make RAW totally unwatchable by being an absolute cunt every week!

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Is the new season of Mushishi good? I was such an enormous fan of the manga and the original series, and I had no idea that a second series came out.

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I would say this is part and parcel with people using VNP's to buy it for next to nothing from Indian retailers, then activate it on their normal accounts.

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I will never, ever buy an early access game, even this. It's too much of a risk for too little reward

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I think I just broke the game. I had huge homing shots, a meat boy, a ghost baby, an eyeball, three pretty flies, book of revelations, and every so often I pretty much turned into the chariot/unicorn/whatever, along with many damage, speed, and shot speed buffs.

Just the most ridiculous Isaac run I have ever had in either version.

The unicorn thing is from one of the zodiac signs. Every second you hold down fire, it has a chance to proc.

I just did a really strange run with Maggy. I had the humble bundle (Which doubles the drops you get, so 1 bomb becomes 2 etc) then the deal from below (Which doubles drops again) and they stacked, so I'd end up getting 4 items per room. This doesn't sound much, but when it combined with Pyromaniac (Bomb explosions now heal you) and a Dark Bum (Picks up hearts and turns them into soul hearts), I just had unlimited sustainability. I think before I fought moms heart, I had 11 soul hearts just on the floor in that level.

Then I unlocked "Everything is now harder". Shit!

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OFFICIALLY worried. Shit!