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I'd love to hop on with you fellas at some point. As a complete noob to the game, experiencing it with other people could be cool

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I think the Pens just picked up Kessel from the Leafs. That's pretty huge

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Pressing 1/2 buttons for the PVE content is basically the game, so I'd think if you really wanna carry on with it

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So here's how I remember it from being a kid.

In the WoR, you just go to all the spots on the map-towns, caves etc and recruit back your old party members. Once you have enough (I can't remember how many you need), you can go to do the final dungeon. Basically, just go around the world exploring and getting all your old members back. It helps you a great deal if you have all of them

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Lord Summerisle himself

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@amp_1986 said:

I'm guessing Kane and Big Show are going to be the last two entrants in the MitB ladder match.

Don't say that, you don't know who's reading these forums

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When I turned 25 I kinda just stopped playing games. I now play maybe one day a week for 2/3 hours.

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You guys should seriously look at the restrictions that the F2P players are getting.

It's pretty intense

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I cant see anyone really playing it. but good for them