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We are the walking dead

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I love SF4 but the people who are way into it are crazy

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Write a full article about Snapcaster mage and you'll be lauded

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So I am quite excite after watching Brad show the game off on his livestreams.

But looking around online there's that annoying vagueness about when/ if this is coming out.

Is there any information outside of "fall"?

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I won't post it here because it'll get scooped by a bot, but I have one spare EU code I can give out to the first one that PM's me. I'm sorry if several people message me, but I can only give it to the first one I receive, and I won't be able to apologise to those who can't get it. I'll post here for the one who "wins"

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Here is 3 EU codes




Tried for the first one, but because my 3DS isnt fully charged, it won't let me download, and it doesnt save it in my download history.

Thanks Nintendo!

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Carpet on floors

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I believe you automatically get Cataclysm so you can just sub and do the levelling/5 mans there; see if you enjoy it. I sold a Hearthstone beta key for 250 bucks last year and felt semi-obligated to pay Blizzard back somewhat so I wound up subbing for a month and had a decent amount of fun with it, had no impulse to buy the new expansion or anything though.

Everything in the game is more or less automated now so all you have to do is press a queue button for raiding, 5 mans, or pvp; that has some appeal but also takes a lot of the magic out of the original formula (which died long ago); the whole using /find to search for people to run something like Uldaman with, then the ridiculous logistics of getting everyone there over the course of the next 45 minutes; then painfully slogging through it and getting items that you couldn't use yet; complete with random loot drama, getting lost, and entertaining wipes. Now it's just queue, walk down a hallway, fight boss, walk down another hallway, fight boss, walk down the last hallway, fight boss; collect loot.

Where do I actualy go? Is Mt Hyjal the place to hit?

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@fallen189: Do you know what they play Minecraft on? PC or the consoles?

@brendan said:

I love all types of games including the traditional shootey and stabbey kinds, but it actually gives me great joy that a generation of kids is growing up around a game that encourages creative thought in building things rather than repetitive positive feedback from destruction.

Also this. I wonder how these kids are going to start turning out in fifteen, twenty years, if Minecraft serves as a basis for their interests so much? Are we going to see a ton of brilliant engineers pop up?

This might make me sound like a dick, but it's also great that Call of Duty isn't going to be the major game that every kid has nostalgia for.

I think it's actually Xbox 360 and tablets believe it or not. Kids don't have laptops or PCS anymore, its all about tablets!