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Well we're about two months away from an expansion, that gives you plenty of time to get a character to 50 and clear the story if you're interested

As for healers, Conjurer (White Mage) generally puts out the biggest heals and is simpler to use, while Arcanist (Scholar) gets some neat tricks - like a healing pet - and rarely worries about running out of MP.

I dunno if I can definitively say it's still worth playing for you... 1-50 is certainly the most linear part of the whole deal, and other than the story it can be a bit boring at times. That said it's still a chance to explore the game and that can be interesting for its own sake on the way to the level cap. Once you hit that point, there's a ton of neat things to do and the experience changes dramatically (for the better in my view)

So I'd say go for it

Sounds pretty cool. I've been looking for an excuse to get into the game anyway, and this is enough to get into it. Is the free company guide here still good, or will it be easier to PM someone in game? I've never joined an established FC before. I hope the guild is active/friendly :D

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Yep, there's a group of 20-30 regulars and a whole bunch of others that still play there. Send in an application to GBomb on Ultros and you'll almost certainly get in

Is now a good time to get into the game? I've played it before, and got to about level 30 with a lancer, but the class kinda got boring and I didn't fancy playing it anymore.

I've thought about getting back into the game as some sort of healer class so I can be useful in groups and have shorter queue times. What's the best healer class to start with, and is the game still worth me playing? I've got a bit of free time on my hands, so I'm looking for a game to dedicate myself to a little.

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Hi friends,

I'm looking to get back into this game, as when I played it about a year ago, I really enjoyed it. I've played up until about level 30 on a lancer, and now I'm looking at getting back into it as maybe some sort of healer character. I just want to know if any GB guys are still into this game? It'd be nice to get into the FC and have a sort of active community to chat with.

I know that I'd have to switch my realm thing to Ultros as an EU guy, but I read someone saying that both NA and EU servers are based in Canada anyway, so I've heard the ping issue isn't too much.

Would love to hear some feedback from you guys. Many thanks in advance

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Toad in a hole is B. I'm from Manchester, UK.

Same on all fronts

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Now I know this happened quite a while ago now, but this just popped up on my youtube account to watch again

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Man how awesome was this moment. I hope Dolph finally makes it back to this height in his career sometime this year

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Any word on the Haruhi spin off yet?

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Why bother buying a game and never using it

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Why does he still say 'Fella' though

Because apparently Irish people say "Fella".

(They don't)

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So I've been totally addicted to Steven Universe. It's a great show.

For those who haven't seen it, it's an American cartoon made by Rebecca Sugar (Formerly of Adventure Time) about a young boy and the three intergalactic space cop women that he lives with, and the zany adventures they get into. It's really sweet. It's reminiscent of early adventure time, which is for par, as Sugar mainly worked on them. It's just finished it's first season (about 50+ episodes) which are 10 minutes each. Has anyone else been watching it, and is at into it as I am? It's become my main "go to" as Adventure Time airing has just become inconsistent as fuck. There's been 2 episodes of Adventure Time aired in Brazil and something like Canada, and they still haven't bothered to air it in the rest of the world. It's hard to be an AT fan when they're just not showing the show with any sort of regularity.

Anyway, Pearl is the best gem. Or Lapis.

PS: Steven Universe has a lot of really good songs, like early AT did. You'll all like it!

Anyway, I figure I need a new anime to get myself into. I grew bored of Space Dandy about 8 episodes in. It was a cracking show, but there just wasn't enough in it to keep me going. I'm thinking about getting into Shirobako soon. It looks good!