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Ok I fixed it. Turns out my motherboard wasn't detected in regard to audio, so windows installed some gypo drivers for audio. I went to my motherboard website, completely reinstalled all my motherboard drivers and I'm set. Thanks so much everyone!

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I cant help, but I really wish you good luck dude.

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So I've exhausted everything in here and still got nothing unfortunately.

Went into the bizarre bios and had a fiddle. Changed hd audio from auto to on, but still nothing. Tried everything in the thread and still found nothing unfortunately. It's just weird, I guess. Pretty disappointed that there is no easy fix to this solution, but I guess that's the problem with using a PC, right? I've no ideA what's left to try, but if anyone has bright ideas, I'm all ears at this stage.

I'm still not sure why the hdmi audio appears to override my on board things, but I've only ever used a TV through hdmi as a monitor. I'm out of ideas here lads. I might just buy a new TV at this rate and use a new audio port.

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Lots of wicked suggestions here, cheers lads. I'll get on them tonight and let you know once I exhaust them/find a solution

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Tried anything and everything that people have suggested, and nothing works. Maybe my Pc is just fucked, who knows.

I've tried enabling and disabling everything, but fuck all works. No idea what to do anymore, I'll probably just give up. I havent got a fucking clue as to why my PC can't detect there's headphones plugged in when I'm looking right at it.

Kind of frustrating. When my audio jack in my TV worked, I'd just plug into that, but now that's fucked somehow. It'd be annoying to have to buy a new TV for this, as nothing else works

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Unfortunately not. Redoing all my audio drivers as we speak. At this rate I'll go out and buy a VGA cable and see if that works

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Scrolling down just showed another of the same thing. I've plugged them into both front and back jacks and neither detect anything at all. It's extremely frustrating, as there's seemingly no way to make this work at all. I disconnected the HDMI while audio was on and nothing carried on

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@truthtellah: @m4r71n2012: @yesiamaduck:

All seems fine in device manager.

The front port works in that I plug headphones in and hear the "pop" sound that you typically get when it's being powered. I just don't know how to force audio out of it.

I also have no idea how to check how to use audio when there's no HDMI input. Is this something that i'm missing which is very simple?

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@i_stay_puft: @truthtellah: .

It just hits the TV, avoiding the PC jack alltogether.

I tried that, but it doesn't show the headpone icon. This is all I get

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Hey guys.

Had this problem for a while. I use a PC with a Samsung television as my main monitor. Simple enough right? Here's what I want to do:

-My TV headphone slot is bust, and I can't plug anything in anymore, however, I still want to use headphones for it because speakers are stupid. However, when I plug headphones into my PC audio jack, audio still comes from the TV, presumably because HDMI overwrites it.

What I'd like to know is if there is any way to make audio default to coming out of the PC audio, as opposed to the TV. Thanks