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I feel like, in a company where they had more space, they'd do good stuff. Ryback is clearly talented, and if you look at how far he's come since the Heyman stuff, he's improved enormously. Axel too. I didn't like Axel at first, but now we've seen his personality a bit, they've just got a cool chemistry.

Down to the little things, like hearing Ryback scream TAG IN...THE BIG GUY. Like the above 2 posters have said, he's embraced this kind of goofy character and made it work for him

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If this isn't enough to turn you onto Ryback then you have no hope. I recommend watching his entire Youtube channel

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So who else is TOTALLY into Rybaxel at the moment?

I mean Ryback needs such a push. He's become awesome

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Roman Reigns is pretty easily my least favorite midcard-or-above guy on the roster, and they're making me actively dislike him even more because they've already strapped the rocket to him and are giving him invincible Superman Cena booking of 'sell for 15 minutes and then hit my five moves and win.' He still looks green as shit in the ring and it's pretty clear at this point that the only reason he was tolerable is because they did a really good job of hiding him behind Rollins and Ambrose. There's a reason people who are new to wrestling spend time in the midcard before they start main eventing; he looks awful in there with all the other guys who have been at it for at least a decade.

Also the Superman Punch is a terrible move and I actually cringe every time he cocks his wrist like a gun (his little 'punch the ground' pose right before it is terrible too and I'm waiting for him to break a knuckle doing it a la Orton's shoulder). So, so awful.

This entire post is authentic

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I am conflicted. I like Ziggler a lot, but I had to skip his match this week because I absolutely could not stand to listen to JBL just screech the most obnoxious and dreadful commentary. I would honestly listen to a Michael Cole solo commentary these days. I absolutely cannot stand listening to JBL anymore.

Mute and put on some music. It's what I do for a lot of matches where the commentary gets on my nerves.

That's becoming every single match where JBL and Lawler are a part of. Also what the fuck is with Lawlers professionalism? Where does he get off wearing the kind of clothes he does, and not a suit like the rest of them? God I hate that commentary team

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I am conflicted. I like Ziggler a lot, but I had to skip his match this week because I absolutely could not stand to listen to JBL just screech the most obnoxious and dreadful commentary. I would honestly listen to a Michael Cole solo commentary these days. I absolutely cannot stand listening to JBL anymore.

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You want a reason Sweep?

Posts being deleted that are not even REMOTELY disruptive and i was playing it mostly for laughs tbh. This forum used to be fun, you could actually criticise things with being called out on being "a trouble maker/trying to troll" now its full of people saying everything is great because mods decide what is and is not suitable and delete what they like killing any interesting conversations before they get interesting.

Before someones jumps on me im not saying that we should put up with sexism/racism so don't be stupid yeah?

Could you give an example? I am not trying to jump on you, I really do want to know, because if the moderation was unwarranted then that is important.

But who decides what's unwarranted? It's all down to the 4/5 active mods who really crack down on things at their discretion. What one person might deem as okay, another might feel it's unecessary and disrupts the harmony of the board or whatever. I can see both sides of the coin on this one, but there's not much you can do about it.

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@mezmero: That's how I see it too. They managed to have Brock squash Cena in a way that people hated, which is what being a heel is all about. I didn't hate it myself, I thought it was damn impressive they had the energy to go through with 16 german suplexes in a row.

@fallen189: Brandon said it all but I also want to say just how good Rusev was at selling that ankle. He made the Patriot Lock look like the deadliest move imaginable and it was great.

I'm starting to really like Rusev. He sells well, looks good, is very emotive, and while his shtick is kinda goofy, it's kind of refreshing in how different it is. I think Brandon is right in how much of a good athlete Orton is. I know he gets his smacks for being "Boring" but I mean...the way he turned that spear into a powerslam was majestic.

I think I'm just down on Reigns because he's getting so much for someone as "2D" as he is, and characters like the Rhodes brothers are just being "buried". Same with Rybaxel. I actually love Rybaxel. They're like Big E, in that they're such characters, but don't get a chance to show it.

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Oh good, this thread again.

The last few weeks have been fantastic. We've had more content than ever before, more staff interaction, new features, more guests and interviews, a wider range of quick looks, pretty much everything you could possibly ask for. I even find Jeff's occasional jadedness to contrast superbly with Dan's endless optimism and enthusiasm, so everything works out just fine.

Just. Fine.

I'm glad you're allowing this thread to stay open and let people discuss their opinions on the website. It's cool of you.

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I'm worried about Reigns, it definitely seems like he is being pushed too much too soon. Orton clearly carried that match and made it fun to watch, but I don't know about Reigns at all. A couple of his moves seemed super sloppy, and we all know how his mic skills need improving. Now I know he has awhile to be built up to to potentially face and take down Brock Lesnar, I just don't know if it'll work and the crowd will accept it. But maybe I'm wrong but was it just me or was the crowd not really into the match, or even Reigns winning? Almost seemed like the crowd was pulling for Orton at times.

I wanted to touch on this too. Brandon Stroud summed it up almost perfectly:

Compare and contrast it with Roman Reigns. Reigns took a ton of damage during the match, but when it was time to hit his moves and win, he just DID it. After the match, he looked as fresh as he did going into it. Same wet hair and everything. That’s fine if you’re part of a video game crowd who doesn’t want this to exist in real life, but the gravity and drama of pro wrestling largely revolves around people getting hurt and toughing their way through it to achieve spectacular physical goals. If a wrestler isn’t hurt and just wins, there’s no drama. If he’s barely able to stand and puts something together to come back and win, that’s a story. It causes us to admire and respect that person for things we admire in athletic humans. Guts. Determination. Skill. Adrenaline, whatever. Roman just wrestles a good match and then everything resets, because it’s time to start over. It’s why Rybaxel can target his shoulder and throw him into a ring post a bunch of times, but he’s still immediately gonna use his shoulder to attack them.

In contrast, Jack Swagger has been attacking Rusev’s ankle since they started beefing. It’s what he does. He even gets on an ankle lock before the match starts, putting Rusev at an early disadvantage. What’s great about that is that Rusev’s offense revolves around his feet … he throws a lot of kicks, but he also needs his legs and ankles to hold himself up for The Accolade. It even has a pre-move stomp to the back for emphasis. Jack rips Rusev’s ankle up, so when it’s time for The Accolade, Rusev tries to lock it in … but can’t. He’s in total control of the match, but his f*cking ankle hurts, so his f*cking ankle hurts. See how that makes sense? He has to switch things up and drop to a knee to lock in the hold. Because that version isn’t as strong or complete, Swagger’s able to reverse it. BEAUTIFUL PRO WRESTLING. The follow-up to that is Rusev realizing he’s got to take the pain if he’s gonna win, so he locks in the full version, and his normal look of confident boredom is replaced by him looking like he’s about to die. Sell. Ling.

I mean...right? I think that's why people are turning on Reigns. He's developed the least since coming out of the Shield. His character has no motivation except for maybe becoming the champion?

It's weird. I want to like Roman, but I hate this whole superman bullshit they're pinning on him. And the way he cocks his fist like a gun is absolutely embarassing

Oh did I mention how much I fucking hate the way JBL commentates? I know he's meant to be colour, but hearing him just shout "Wah wah" when someone is actually trying to make a point is downright disrespectful and takes away a lot from the post match discussion. Fuck.