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I hope its as good as that other one

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I have 3 spares for EU. Send me a PM if you'd like one.

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I dont want to be really rude, but do we really need this same thread every 12 hours or so? Can we not just have a centralized thread for all the "Women and games" stuff. That'd be really great.

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It's a shame idiots ruined this pretty ok thread.

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What is it about monster that's so special? I've got quite a bit of free time coming up and I've heard a lot of top things about, but I'm not sure what's so good. 70+ episodes is a lot to keep up

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Good for you

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I did my thesis on posthumanism, cyborgs and androids in sci if anime, using ghost in the shell, ghost 2 and serial experiments lain respectively.

Unfortunately I don't think I've watched any anime since. It's weird how times change.

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Your language is offensive

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VGCW superstar of the year: Dan Hibiki

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Idiots will pay money for a 17 year old game everytime they release it on something with a screen. They know people will buy it, which is sad but true. It's still a great game, however.