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I would also love it

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Being happy

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Links Awakening is a perfect game, you'd be amiss to not pick it

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Pick and video with Jeff and Ryan and you're not far wrong

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It's about 18-35. Male

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I logged in and wasn't in the guild anymore. Did someone kick me or did something go wrong?

My IGN is Matoya

Never mind, it got disabled because I did a duty finder. That's weird

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@flstyle said:

VGCW: Challenge Tower is tonight! http://www.twitch.tv/bazza87

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What's been going on this season? I've changed what I do for a living so I can't stay up till 11pm anymore. Last I watched (End of last season), there was a lot of weird shit going on.

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Smite is a great game

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Well we're about two months away from an expansion, that gives you plenty of time to get a character to 50 and clear the story if you're interested

As for healers, Conjurer (White Mage) generally puts out the biggest heals and is simpler to use, while Arcanist (Scholar) gets some neat tricks - like a healing pet - and rarely worries about running out of MP.

I dunno if I can definitively say it's still worth playing for you... 1-50 is certainly the most linear part of the whole deal, and other than the story it can be a bit boring at times. That said it's still a chance to explore the game and that can be interesting for its own sake on the way to the level cap. Once you hit that point, there's a ton of neat things to do and the experience changes dramatically (for the better in my view)

So I'd say go for it

Sounds pretty cool. I've been looking for an excuse to get into the game anyway, and this is enough to get into it. Is the free company guide here still good, or will it be easier to PM someone in game? I've never joined an established FC before. I hope the guild is active/friendly :D