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He attracts the lowest common denominator. His low brow but excessively loud humor attracts children, because his over the top reactions to most things resonate with people in such a way that they think he's "just like us".

He seems like a pretty alright dude in my opinion. Outside of his fake "Youtube persona", he seems like a pretty affeble fellow, I just don't like his videos because it's clearly so forced. If you can exploit the masses for hundreds of thousands of bucks a year, why not? I'd do it.

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Dan must be making it up because nobody is that stupid. Or American.

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Vietnam is a big place. Whereabouts are you going?

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You can equip a spell twice to gain multiple uses of it. Lets say Lightning spear starts at 3 per equip. If you put on 2, you get 6, 3 you get 9, and so on. I hope this helps!

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JBL has been enough to make me stop watching for 3 weeks in a row. I get that he's meant to be some kind of a jerk character, but he's such an insufferable cunt nowadays that he becomes unwatchable. I don't know how people can bear this dickhead.

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Hello friends.

I've recently come into a bit of extra cash lately and I'm eyeing up a wii u as a prospective purchase. Can any owners let me know their experiences or whatever so far? Seeing Zelda warriors was enough to tip me over the edges think. Between that, MK8 , Bayonetta 2 and Mario 3D world i think it's enough to have me buy one. Any ideas or recommendations chums? Cheers!

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Legend of the galactic heroes

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The Vita is all ports and indie games for cheap. The 3ds is worse but has more original IP. Your choice

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They're ok if you just wanna get laid, but I'd rather sit in a pub and play cards