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@fallen189: The worst part about everything is that you could have told me that promo was from Smackdown this week and I would have totally believed you because 3 months have passed and no progression has happened aside from Dustforce doing fun vignettes. Aside from that though, I do love me some Rybaxel.

That's an authentic statement right there. I just love this weird dumb machismo thing from Rybaxel that's so...out of nowhere. I think Ryback is like Big E in that way- a good sense of humor and delivery that doesn't get enough time to shine.

I wish they'd shit or get off the pot with "All Rhodes lead to the Stars" too.

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I never saw this before. Rybaxel are awesome

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@fallen189: Maybe because it's the only place he felt confident asking? Many people that suffer from depression are afraid of being left out if they show how they truly feel. If anonymous forums are the first step of admitting there is a problem, so be it. It is better than nothing, especially seeing that there's a lot of good advice that OP should listen to in this thread.

I used to be depressed but I realised the only way out of it is by taking action and actually getting on with things. It's all good asking for anonymous advice, but how can you verify its validity? It just seems silly not to get right to the heart of the matter.

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As a teacher of 8 year olds, I just say "hey stop that or 5 minutes off playtime"

Works a charm

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I tried to watch a divas segment this week and was bowled over by how bad it is. Still. Shame

At least this dumb Rusev and Swagger thing still delivers. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A FLAG MATCH IS BUT I'M EXCITED

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Sex followed by whiskey

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There's not a lot of skill to the game. It's basically top trumps