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When I saw the QL, I was very excited to see more of this, but it's been a bit quiet.

Has it got to a point where it's worth getting yet?

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It's kind of a shame you waited until a massive resurgance to get with the zeitgeist, but it's still a good game.

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Can we all agree that Bork Lesnar is a boring bastard and we should shoot him from a cannon into the sun?

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Hey guys I know we're upset that our man DB is getting Ziggler levels of burying, but can we kinda just talk about Roman Reigns?

'Cause I mean...fuck. That superman punch is art.

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Everytime I make that argument with myself, I never buy the product in the end. Why bother when I have no use for it anymore?

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How can you live in the UK and not have a visa card?

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It;s no worse than Divekick

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@gs_dan said:

...I didn't think that any generic cards worked on the Vita?

They dont. Magicgate only

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Dante had black hair

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The combat is good, to an extent. Even as far in as I am, it kinda devolves to having random combat being 4 braves on everyone and bursting everyone down. Boss fights are just default for 3, then brave for 4 and I usually never lose.

The story is alright, but the dialogue and VA are absolutely diabolical. It's a good game, but suffers from hyper JRPG syndrome where everyone is some caricature of a stereotype. It's still worth playing though, if not just to put more people onto 4 heroes of light