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@MistaSparkle:The reviews on Amazon seem to indicate the port is well done. Get it already! :P

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@UnrealDP@JoeyRavn:   I'm not saying MW3 won't have enough content to justify the full cost of the game. I agree the game isn't out yet so we don't know yet, but it's certainly looking like an "expansion" to MW2 based on what I've seen so far. Who knows maybe it does have a ton of new content that makes it worth it. It just seems like this generation we've been getting less value with $60 games and paid DLC.
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New maps, new singleplayer, spruced up graphics, new multiplayer, totally redone spec ops, new weapons, i guess that's the definition of an expansion to you.....

It sounds like one to me.
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I'm not going to make the same mistake with the VIA as I did with the 3DS, I'm going to wait for some damn good games to come out for it then grab one and if a price cut happens before I buy a Vita then bonus.

This is the sensible decision for any console or handheld. I will also be waiting on the Vita and the 3DS until there are enough games worth playing. Preferably when the hardware and software is cheaper too.
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@avidwriter: "Microsoft Picks Up Skulls of the Shogun" "Microsoft Picks Up" "Microsoft" Yeah there's no chance we'll see this on PC.

It's highly unlikely, but never say never. Fable III's on Steam, after all!

That's a good point and apparently it is coming to PC according to a previous poster. Have to say I'm a little surprised...
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@avidwriter: "Microsoft Picks Up Skulls of the Shogun"
"Microsoft Picks Up"
Yeah there's no chance we'll see this on PC.
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OK, now I'm even more confused. How does Steam deal with other EA titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, where you buy Bioware points and then download the DLC from EA?  And in Battlefield Bad Company 2, you can buy a code for DLC and then just type it in from within game to unlock it. You can completely avoid a Steam purchase there.  This story never gets easier to understand.
This is a good point. WTF
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I'm going to wait until they both have a good amount of games to choose from then I'll decide. Also I've never really cared about most Nintendo games so that makes me naturally lean more towards the Vita. 

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K-mart has gotten better don't know if I would call them "awesome".
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If you are looking at the DeathAdder, look instead at the Black Edition. It fixed everything that was wrong with the original DeathAdder. The plastic sides are replaced by rubber grips and the obnoxious LED lights were removed from the mouse. I replaced my G500 with it and haven't looked back. I have to agree with the previous remark about the ergonomics of the G500 btw, it can get pretty uncomfortable on your fingers.