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I bought this guy's game yesterday. My issue isn't with a lack of sales, I want my money back.

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I'm having this problem in choppers... But I'm playing on 360. I thought maybe it was supposed to be a wind effect.

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@darji: A little off topic but I remember there being a study (I can't find it for the life of me) that showed that women who chose traditionally male careers had the same life expectancy as males. The change in roles caused them to lose the extra 5-10 years that women usually get over men. I wonder if men who choose historically female careers gain an extra 5-10 years....

I've always wondered if choosing a career that isn't traditionally suited to your gender has something in common with the people who feel they were born the wrong gender, just to a lesser degree. I have noticed that women who do well in and seem to enjoy more masculine jobs also seem to have more male interests when it comes to leisure activities (enjoy rougher humour, more physical things ect.), while men who choose feminine roles seem to enjoy more female activities (softer spoken, more in touch with emotion ect.). My way of thinking about it is that if someone would be feel more comfortable/fulfilled in a role not suited traditionally associated with their gender they should be welcomed and judged on an equal scale as all the others. However it does not make sense to try and fit a square peg into a round whole by forcing people into roles they weren't meant for by modifying requirements or using quotas. All that will result in is under qualified workers in a position that they will never be able to truly excel at.

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It really does seem like some people go around looking for reasons to be offended on one hand. On the other hand, the PA people handled the whole thing poorly. I would have thought that an operation the size of PA would have a dedicated communications/PR person who would have told them not to engage the attention seekers right off the bat, I bet the issue would have died then and there if it had been left alone. I would also bet a PR person would tell them not to drag it back up over 2 years later, I doubt this brought them any exposure to new audiences and if anything might alienate the existing one. It almost seems like the leadership still has the mindset of an anonymous forum user instead of that of an owner of a successful/growing company.

Though the cynical part of me wonders if this isn't the lead to a new line of "if you support us buy this" merchandise.

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Is there any benefit to paying the full retail price for a phone? Do you get access to better plans? Or is signing a contract okay?

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If they want $70-$75 for the game I wish they'd just charge that and give me the full game. I don't like the micro transaction format, it feels like a dirty trick to sneak the price up.

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He makes a lot of good points, I have read some of his print stuff and was impressed. However his video/audio stuff is terrible, he seems to greatly overestimate his ability to perform comedy. I'm guessing his print stuff has the benefit of going through and editor before it goes live, and the editor seems to do a good job at cleaning his work up. Basically what I'm saying is he has a voice, face and personality made for print media.

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That lady is a marketing genius. I am truly in awe of how skillfully she handles her PR to whip up a frenzy and score more cash for herself. Despicable and admirable at the same time.

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@buhssuht said:

phew. so crisis averted?

If that was meant as a pun, I tip my hat to you sir.

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I'm ready for new ones. I'm going to try and wait for the second production run though so I don't end up paying $500+ to be a beta tester.