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Nope. Not at all. Movies have already gone way beyond what any game (including this) has ever done.

Don't act like because its a video game its any different because it's not. There's nothing interactive about these depictions and it is not encouraged or glorified in any way.

Metal Gear has always been about the atrocities of war. The tone of MGS 5 appears to be slightly darker than the previous games but it's not like they just thought of the most horrible shit and slapped the MGS name on it.

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@andorski said:

You tellin' me PewDiePie won't be able to make more videos?! Fuck that shit.

He can still make videos; he just won't be paid for them.

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No MGS. Just bought a kick ass PC instead. Looking to buy a PS4 about March time.

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Cancelled mine and bought a better PC. I'll get one when there's a reason for it.

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Dead Rising 1. Running around with a chainsaw cutting zombies into pieces got my mother's attention.

She was less impressed and more repulsed though... I'm bad at answering questions.

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Playing the MGS series the whole way through. Nearing the end of Snake Eater. Having fun with the dumb stuff in this game. "Its so dumb"

In all seriousness it's my favourite video game franchise. It just takes me away from everything.

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@asmo917: I didn't cry until the end where I heard Vinny breaking down and Jeff saying "Thanks."

It's so tough to articulate to these guys how much you actually care for them.

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I'm just so grateful that they did this podcast. It must have been so hard.

So much love for the GB crew.

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@Video_Game_King said:

I'd like to get in on this, though I believe we're already friends on Steam.

Yeah, we sure are. Sadly, I'm all out.

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Woah; That was a fast one! All packs have been claimed. Hope you guys enjoy!