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No...hell no, never.

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For me I'm going back and forth with Ash and Loki.

I'm trying to build up a stealth character. Both of them has their ups and downs. At the moment I'm trying to build them up to see who will be the better stealth Warframe for me, and after that I'm going to get a engineer Warframe called Vauban... I like to call him the Isaac Clark Warframe

He looks perfect for defense missions.

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I am the devil.

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I'll just talk about Warframe since it's the most recent. I've been playing the shit out of this game, and just having a ball trying out different characters (AKA Warframes). At the moment I'm in the process of upgrading my newest Warframes Ash, Loki, Oberon.

Ash is a Stealth character. I don't have him at he's full potential yet, but he's a nice break from the assault characters

Very fun Warframe to use. He's got some kickass abilities, and a devastating slam attack. You'll feel like a badass each and everytime you use it.

Like Ash, Loki is a stealth Warframe. I had him for free at first when I first played the game, but deleted him because I didn't find him to be fun. After playing the game for months and watching vids of Warframe about Loki. I decided to buy him and give him another chance. So far I'm finding him to be more fun then ash. Since I have more knowledge about the game from months of playing. I found a good use of how to improvise with he's skill set.

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@yummylee said:

Have no fear, for we have Top Trains for such individuals.

LOL! he gave that two piece.

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Stuff like that has been going on for along time. At the end of the day its a business and they need to make money. At my job we have to seem like we care about the customers and bullshit them. I remember when I first started working at Meijer. One of the top guys said...

1.Get to know customers on a personal level ( I've done it once, but I wish I didn't. It's to make the store seem like we care, and give off a friendly atmosphere.)

2 Be Nice, Smile and Greet the customers ( Even though I've gotten better at it compared to when I first started, it just feels weird trying to put on a fake persona.)

3 Suggestive Selling ( I remember recommending other products to people just so they can buy it. Even though I may not have tried it before I acted like I did, but I usually feel kinda wrong doing it.)

There's alot of other stuff I could talk about, but I'll just leave it at that.

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Devils Never Cry, isn't that right Vergil?

I still remember that cold lonely night.

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This thread should be called F2P Confessionals

I think I might actually rename it to that, thanks duder.

I try not to think about it too much. I normally put aside some money for stuff like games so I don't go into my "paying bills" money. Also, hey, I did the same thing for Warframe! Except I bought Hydroid and the Attica crossbow.

I want to play as him so badly, but he's not released for ps4 yet.

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Usually when I spend money on free to play games, it's just my way of saying, "hey, I enjoyed your game, thanks for giving it me for free." Like a tip, or something. The times I have spent money on a free to play game just for the sake of some fake currency, I have always, without fail, felt like I spent too much on it. Most F2P stuff seems balanced so that ten bucks lasts about five minutes, and then it's all gone, and you're almost exactly where you were before spending the money.

For most part in Warframe you can get most of everything for free, but it can take some serious grinding and patience. I usually unlock all my stuff for free since I love grinding in the game. Having a powered up Warframe can make you feel badass, and since the devs are releasing and adding updates it just gets better. Right now I'm in the process of building two new Warframes.

Watching this guy's vids helped me out alot. He basically explains how every Warframe can be useful in their own way, and I kinda feel bad of deleting my Loki Warframe. I hated Loki, but after watching this vid.

I wish I gave Loki more of a chance, and used him only for sneaky and supportive roles, but now I want ash.

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Anyway I was playing Warframe today and I kinda felt like I spent too much on petty stuff. Today they released a costume for the Excalibur Warframe. The costume was from a game called Dark Sector.

I really wanted the costume since I've always liked it. I spent 8 bucks on it and I was happy, but then I wasn't satisfied with the color pallet sets. So I ended up spending 14 bucks on 3 different sets of colors pallets, and after that I got tired of the main gun I was using. I could have built a different gun, but I didn't feel like grinding for points or waiting, So I spend 20 bucks on a big Shotgun called the Dragoon, and here it is.

Even though I spent money before on this game. Today I just felt like I spent too much money on petty stuff, but at the sametime I don't regret it and it made the game more fun. I just wanted to kickass in style and showoff. Warframe is the only F2P game I actually spent money on, and I play this game way too fucking much. Hell I almost have all the trophies. I've been playing this game since January and I still haven't beaten it.