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I've still never played it, but I'd be interested in checking it out.

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https://www.theforestsedge.com is a great MUD, but unfortunately the player-base has been greatly diminished over the years.

I think that the best way to scratch the Pathfinder itch would be to play some Neverwinter Nights, but unfortunately I don't think that any of the good PWs are still around.

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The Last of Us is going to get the shaft, but whatever. Hopefully Patrick will fight hard for it and keep it somewhere on the Top 10.

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I really hope to see a quick look of this game.

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Anyone else taken a look at the PS Vita Japanese games sale going on right now on the North American store?

I just bought my Vita today, and I'm wondering if any of these games are worth getting. I'm looking specifically at Ragnarok Odyssey and Muramasa Rebirth.

Any thoughts?

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Really devastating. I can't imagine how it must feel for his friends and family.

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Is there any way I could get whitelisted for the server?

Username: Faltru

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@zaccheus said:

Crap... I totally forgot about this and updated.

Same here. Damn.

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I can see it being slightly better for menu navigation, but who knows. If it can be pressed down like the trackpad on a laptop that could be useful.

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I hope not. I certainly hope they don't start charing for multiplayer or randomly gating services we already pay for like Netflix.