stickin this here cos i cant get into google docs at uni but i

can get on gb: Prof. B.P. Binks Emulsions stabilised by edible protein or calcium carbonate particles Dr. Vesko Paunov Release Kinetics of Low Soluble Drugs Encapsulated in Sporopollenin Microcapsules Dr. Vesko Paunov Fabrication of Free Standing Magnetic Biofilms Prof. P.D.I. Fletcher Drug permeation through membranes Jay WADHAWAN Electrostatic Force Microscopy of Nanostructures Liquid Crystals as pressure monitors (Prof G. H. Mehl) On-chip assembly of drug carrier vesicles Dr Nicole PAMME M. G. Francesconi IRON-BASED NANOPARTICLES WITH TUNABLE MAGNETIC AND SURFACE PROPERTIES FOR IMAGING OF HEART FAILURE