Complete Monster

A villain that is pure evil and irredeemable.

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can you at least put reasons on why you added them to the list

Posted by Toxin45

Also What about Nefarious

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I agree with most of these, but not all of them, and for the following reasons:

  • Alex Mercer: Cares about someone other than himself, even after becoming evil.
  • Vanitas: Not heinous enough, as he only ever tries to kill the heroes (standard fare villainy). The novelization also gives him a sympathetic backstory.
  • Evil Queen: Not heinous enough in relation to other Disney villains, as she only ever tries to kill the hero, which is again, standard fare villainy.
  • Saren Arterius: Can be redeemed.
  • Jafar: Not heinous enough
  • Maleficent: Not heinous enough
  • Darth Malak: Shows regret and takes some responsibility for his atrocities right before he dies. Then again, Ultimate Red Skull seems to show regret right before his death and he's considered a CM, so I might be more lenient with this one.
  • Tamir: Arguably not heinous enough in relation to numerous other villains in the series, including other one-shot villains.
  • Darth Sion: Can be convinced the Exile to kind of sort of redeem himself by killing himself. He also develops feelings for her as the game progresses.
  • Cooler: Cares about his men and treats them well, as opposed to Frieza who's list of crimes are just as bad and without that redeeming quality. With this one I'm also willing to be flexible, since Franz Sanchez from James Bond treats his right-hand man Dario well and is still considered a CM.
  • Cad Bane: Displays "Even Evil Has Standards" when he saves Rako Hardeen's life and tells Morolo Eval "If you're gonna kill him, do it like a man!"
  • Vilgax: Cares about his people and takes his responsibility to protect them very seriously.
  • Kevin 11: I'm pretty sure all of the Ben 10 shows take place in the same continuity. Therefore his becoming good in the later shows proves he's not a CM. He's also not heinous enough in the original show anyway.