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@Little_Socrates said:

Games not yet mentioned here that are great or are extremely unique:

-Angry Birds Space. Significantly more fun than the original Angry Birds, some really nice experiments there.

-The Act. So much great craftsmanship, should probably convince the GB staff to do a QL. Don't watch the whole trailer if you're sold on it sooner than that.

-Squids/Squids Wild West. Sort of a marbles/tactics game. Personally, I didn't love it, but I know a lot of people who really, really enjoy it. I just didn't especially like the way the squids moves after you pulled them back; an iPad would definitely have helped, as I'm playing the game on an iPhone.

-Ziggurat. "Laser babes shooting robots." The first ever Bestie.

-Hero Academy. If you have a few friends on Facebook or Steam you can convince to play with you, this game is top of the line. Alternatively, Outwitters is available; I haven't really gotten the chance to play it yet.

-Dungeon Raid. It's a really clever puzzle game. I like it still.

-Tomena Sanner. If the review leaves you curious, check out the Quick Look.

Ziggurat!!! Ziggurat is a pretty cool iPad game.

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@Jazzycola: Crash Bandicoot was considered a pretty hot jam when it came out.
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I like to collect bad games, especially stuff from the N64 and Playstation era as of right now.  Stuff like Superman, Quest 64, Aidyn Chronicles, Castlevania 64, etc.  I usually find something I actually like in these "bad" games though.  I seem to have less patience for bad 2d games.  I would rather not pay a lot for bad current-gen games though I'll get them eventually, haha.  Playing bad games can be a lot of fun if you have people to do it with and many times you'll find out you actually like a game rather than just liking it ironically or something.

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Oh man, I made a game with C# and XNA!  It's called Cascade.  It's not too great but yeaaah:
I know what you mean, though.  When you tell people you've been writing programs and junk they're like "OH MAN YOU MUST BE AWESOME AT MATH".  But nope, it's usually just a collection of REAALLY simple no-duh statements.

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Oh man, GX was my favorite gamecube game and X is my favorite racing game ever.  I've actually played X in 3d using some crazy drivers for my comp and it was kind of awesome.  An F-Zero game on 3DS seems like a no-brainer.  
And yeah, Wipeout is great, but it doesn't scratch the F-Zero itch.  They're just different games.  I could REALLY go for a new F-Zero right about now.

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Haha, "scambassador", that's pretty good.  Yeah, I'm definitely part of that club.  I don't have any games yet so I've been messing around with the 3d camera and checking out .mpo files from places like  Hope all fellow scambassadors remembered to log in to the store on time!

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Khaki is the nastiest darn word on the planet in my opinion. 

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@SoldierG654342: My problem was just with the word having negative connotations.  What you're saying maybe implies (if "stiff" is to be taken negatively) is that it might be better to have a Castlevania game that feels like a Mario or Mega Man game.  Which, crap, that might be pretty cool!  But I like the way older Castlevania games feel and it seems perfect for timed, deliberate, and substantial zombie whippin'.  It's a satisfaction you can't get from Mario, Megaman, or anything else.  Not to say it's better than those games!  Just that it's unique and pretty fun as it stands.
I know most people prefer the newer controls and that I won't convince anyone, but I REALLY dig the "committed jump direction" style. 
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I don't think calling the controls in games like Rondo and Bloodlines (which are my favorites) stiff is really accurate.  When you get familiar with it and learn to predict where you need to place yourself and how to jump and attack, it becomes really satisfying.  Yeah, the Metroid style games are easier to pick up and play.  But they feel light, floaty and insubstantial by comparison.  The hits don't seem as hard somehow.  Yeah, I dunno, maybe the older games can be described as "stiff" when compared to the newer ones, but that sounds like a synonym for "bad",  which isn't right.  
Also, while I like Metroid, I've always preferred Castlevania as a linear game for some reason.  My dislike for the newer controls, combined with huge boring castles has always caused me to lose interest before I finish the newer games.  Some of the bosses have been pretty cool, though!
Bloodlines takes my vote as the best for its satisfying controls, awesome spear character, and sega genesis flavored trashiness/awesomeness. 

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