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Posted by laussica

disgaea is addictive :D 
i also got hitman: blood money but i couldnt really get into it idk it was a early 360 title so it feels a tad 'dated'

Posted by FancySoapsMan
@laussica: Yeah, it was released on the PS2 and XBOX as well, so that's probably why it felt dated. But there's a new Hitman game coming out soon, I read somewhere that it was this year but I doubt it.
And yeah, Disgaea is hard to put down lol.
Posted by Penelope

So are you playing the fan-dub of Mother 3 or being a boss like me and playing it in Japanese?

Posted by FancySoapsMan
@Penelope: I actually finished it a few months ago.

But I'm not cool and I had to use the translation patch :(