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I thought the direct was okay. Would have liked to see some more stuff but I'm still holding out on the hope that we'll still see one or two things later on.

No way do they reveal anything super surprising.

Ugh, this was really disappointing.

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@rmanthorp: I'm kind of surprised at the amount the helicopter guy talks and the character doesn't talk. I kind of wish the two would be switched, but honestly any chatter is good to me so I would rather keep it in. It would be great to see more interaction between characters on races though. :)

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Huge fan of SSX, and this new footage looks AMAZING. I was super skeptical about this game at first, but I'm really happy with what I've been seeing lately. I still have gripes, but overall this looks very, very good.

You can in fact crash (it was shown in the gameplay trailer EA released officially: the player is holding a trick and crashes on a pipe), but it definitely looks a lot easier to land moves while you are still in the animation of the trick which is a bit of a bummer to me.

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It looks forgiving, can you even crash? Also, what's up with the music interruption whenever you trick, seems really bothersome. Sounds like someone keeps flipping around on radio channels.

That aside though, looks pretty damn good. I haven't really played a snowboarding game since Cool Boarders 2.

The previous games always had that, whenever you'd hit a big air the music would fade and 'jam' right back in as you land.

That's not how it happened in SSX Tricky. Watch this video

Go to about ~1:10. The music didn't completely stop and it is much shorter. In SSX 2012 the music fades out, the new dubstep remix kicks in for a good 10-15 seconds, and then the music fades back in. To me it sounds pretty awkward. The method used in Tricky wouldn't exactly sound great with the songs used in SSX 2012, but the way they do it in the new one is pretty strange.

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They seem to be quite confused with what to do with the Wii version.

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@mandeponium: It left a bad taste in your mouth? It was extremely sad and heartbreaking but I kinda love it for that. It's one of the most emotional moments (not to mention unexpected moments) in any video games. Alyx's sobbing as it fades to black is haunting.
Love it but also hate it. Valve needs to hurry up, it's getting pretty ridiculous.
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God, I'm so excited for this system. It's great that it has so much support. OoT remake, RE5, and MGS FTW

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Agreed. Although I haven't played it, I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on Just Cause 2 and I LOVE Red Faction Guerrilla. Their just pure fun, impressive, and crazy.

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LOVE Giant Bomb! This is an amazing feature. More time to spend on Giant Bomb!

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This is a fantastic thread! See! The Wii does have great games.

Personally, I can't wait until Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Little King Story is coming very soon as well! :)
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My favorite part of all these chugs is watching the people turn the can upside down and the left over soda spill out. :D